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  1. Horvat says hello.
  2. People here are seriously undervauling Ovie. He will get the same kind of return or marginally worse than Crosby. Ie, it'd be something like 2 top 5 picks, 1 former top 10 pick who is at-most in his early 20s and putting up first line points, 1 spare parts guy and 1 mid-draft pick.
  3. Would be awesome if Nicolas Hague fell to us in R2. Potential Tryamkin replacement. He's ranked 28th in the draft and has been suspended by the OHL for overly-aggressive play but is a behemoth defenceman with good mobility, but not good puck carry. Another prized prospect for R2 would be Ryan Poheling who is one of the most 'NHL-ready' players in this draft and a potential 2LW/3LW.
  4. Does anyone know the details of Tryamkin's new contract ?
  5. These 37 year olds can still be quite effective in diminished role. Hockey doesn't always have to be the standard '1-2-3-4' line format. Sometimes, teams have won with effectively 2 second lines instead of 1 first line and 1 2nd line (in terms of points/pk, etc). Sedins are obviously not top line material anymore, but that doesn't mean they still can't school 2nd/3rd pairing defensemen and not drawing the top 2 checking lines either. Ofcourse they are going to need an anchor moving forward who is a defensively responsible player and that player most likely is Granlund. I'd be quite happy with a youngish top 2 lines, with some ELCs and bridge contracts on them (which is the most likely option too. For e.g., Bo is most likely getting in the 4.5-6m range, not more) and the Sedins-Granlund as our 3rd line. This also makes Sutter a 4C, which brings incredible depth to the lineup. Being truly able to roll 4 lines has a meta-value in itself that can't be ignored. Its also rare that we get such a chance very often, because it requires several good young players on the cusp, a few bargain priced players and a few vets taking pay-cuts as they diminish.
  6. No, not all the top six. The bottom 3 might do a good job at it too. I am pretty sure we are drafting a 1C this year. That'd make Sutter a 4C in the system. I also doubt Granlund is going to see much time in the top six unless the Sedins are in the top six. So there's another one. We also have plenty of cap-space to sign a decent depth 3W/4W during UFA. There's also Bo, who isn't going to stop killing penalties either. It'd quite possible actually and IMO, its also likely that the Canucks will consider that as the most favourable option moving forward.. Even if we bomb next year, we are still going after top tier talents and will have low cap spending. If the Sedins do take a pay-cut and become 4-5 million dollar players, there would be plenty of room for them in the system.
  7. The short answer is obvious yes. If the Sedins each sign for 4/4.5 million after their next contracts, a 40-50 point 3rd line/2nd PP specialist will be worth its weight in gold.
  8. 1. We don't need to expose Granny. 2. Given a choice between a guy who potted almost 20 goals this year (most likely reason he didnt is because his season got cut short), who is defensively sound, a bit of a puck-hound and though below average for a C, way good for a Winger at the face-off and a guy who has <5 goals after 50+ games in the same season, every single team will pick the former. Ie, if we expose both Granny and Gaunce, if Vegas chooses a forward, it will be Granny ever single time.
  9. Loui had way more success playing LW than RW, IIRC. I agree, he is a better fit with Bo. And its likely next year, since Baer can easily slot in with our likely 'future 1/2C' guy via the draft this year. Ie, i expect lines to be something akin to: Sedin-Sedin-Goldy/Granny Loui-Bo-Brock Baer-1R draft pick- Goldy/UFA Plug-Sutter-Plug If we got the right plug and the right UFA (J.Williams will be a good target for RW UFA), this would make us remarkably deep and maybe, just maybe pull a Columbus.
  10. Outside of the top 15, yeah i'd agree. But one tries not to draft a one-dimensional guy with a top-5 pick. and people who normally do the 'crash and bang the net' at NHL and are good at it, have plenty other skills, not just that skill like Rasmussen.
  11. Err, if physicality is an issue, it affects wingers more than centres, because wingers do more board battles. Hischier is a solid C prospect because he is also quite good at the faceoff dot.
  12. It'd be easier to make predictions if we knew more or less what our roster next year looks like. Ie, lets wait till expansion draft, draft and UFA signings.
  13. Rasmussen would be a mistake- Virtanen-esque mistake if anyone picks him in the top 10. I've watched him play, he is a 6'5 power-play specialist, who's mantra is 'i can walk through defensemen to get to the net and muscle in a garbage goal or two' when he is not on the PP. That tactic is pretty much what Virtanen used to do in junios (try to muscle his way to the goal through middle of the ice) and that tactic doesnt work in the NHL.
  14. Patrick, due to his injury problems. He's already had sports hernia at 18. And sports hernia is something you very rarely recover 100% from. Patrick is more developed than Hischier. But Hischier is not just an elite offensive talent. His coach says he trusts Hischier to kill penalties, even 5 on 3s, Hischier plays regularly the last minute of every period. That to me instantly puts him in the 'above average' at the very least, in terms of defensive capability for a potential 1C
  15. Perhaps its been said before, but Sutter is NOT the coach we need. He is almost 'Alain Vigneault-esque' in expecting too much from youngsters. Yes, some coach prefer their 'rookies' came as a 'finished product' from the AHL, with only 'line combos and faster pace of NHL' to adapt to. Sutter is one such coach. Plus, Sutter's coaching style can be summed up in one phrase : Neutral Zone trap. The next phrase would be 'when in doubt, hit'. Our team is not built that way- we still are undersized in the forwards department and our only regular line-up tough guys are valuable defensemen who you don't want to break a hand fighting. Players like Sedins, Baertschi, Boeser, Goldy, Sutter, Ericsson - all of them are not 'bruise em, sock em' type of players. So Sutter would be wasted in Vancouver and will actually stunt our development. We got to stick to what works best for us and the hard work we've put in to develop a team like old Detroit/Chicago : a team that thrives on possession and skill. Thats not the type of team Sutter specializes in coaching.