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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Sorry for using a double negative. I think we are talking of two different things - you are talking of information control and thus perceptions may not be true, i am simply saying that a non-meritorious reason itself- concealed or otherwise- is detrimental. Ie, going up to a player and saying effectively 'listen, you did good, but you are old, so we are gonna sub in a kid who is worse than you,in your place, because well, he is a kid' is simply not acceptable and also not a way to actually build a meritorious organization.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I think you mis-read that. I specifically said 'none of these are non-performance related issues'. i.e., double negative. 'not non-performance' = ! (! performance) = performance. Ie, they are all performance related issues.
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Then none of those reasons are non-performance related. Just because you don't know the ACTUAL reason, doesn't mean the reason itself is not meritorious. I can choose to not disclose an injury to the public and sit out, which makes my sitting out a performance related issue. This does not validate the 'lets sit the performing vet over the underperforming kid, because well, kids need exposure'
  4. No. Please no. Kane is overrated and a very poor example for work ethic and community spirit for what is a young and emerging new core.
  5. Pretty sure if Benning did that, he'd be guilty for child trafficking and be in jail. And I'd not blame Guddy for saying 'F U' to the Canucks either.
  6. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Actually, the most obvious candidate to move, right now, is Biega. He is a legit #6 in the league IMO and there is no way we are going to be able to afford him next year (not in terms of money, but in terms of slotting. That is the most low-risk move IMO. Moving Edler is the high risk-high reward move as we'd be one injury away from Hutton being our top LD- which is pretty unthinkable, TBH. On the other hand, Edler, if traded to the right team, can still command a 1R pick. Hutton would be a safer bet to be traded, especially given that Ollie would probably need to make the jump next year to NHL. He'd net us a high 2R pick if we trade him to the right team.
  7. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    I also feel, that his style of defending would be a better fit in the more systematic & physical styles of the western conference, particularly compared to the more coast-to-coast style of the eastern conference. Especially when we consider the difference to probably be the biggest between the respective divisions that he crossed over into.
  8. Yes, really. Its called evolutionary biology, if you want to be specific about it.
  9. Your agreement is not required about a scientific fact.
  10. buying outright vs contract cellphone

    If you are a traveller, ALWAYS buy outright. Because when you buy on contract, your SIM is locked to your phone till the contract is up. Aka, you need a new phone every time you go to a new country. On the other hand, if you buy it outright, you show up in Thailand, swap out SIMs and you have a working, local Thai number.
  11. Its about biologically pre-determined courtship roles, not evolved behaviour. In Gorillas, the males fight over mating rights. Amongst many birds, the females fight other females for the attention of males. We fall under the category of 'males fight/woo the females' type of sexual speciation, thats all.
  12. I don't think it is such an easy demarcation of 'gender roles perpetuating gender violence', that is a common trope amongst liberals here (and before you take offence, i am a liberal myself- just not the west coast type liberal, because i didn't grow up here). This is because, like most people end up doing, they confuse correlation with causation. This happens a lot in soft sciences like sociology/psychology and causes the problem. I will give you an example - the cultural background i grew up in - we were liberal by our cultural standards (and in certain ways, more liberal than most even here- our parents never told us to follow a religion or get us into politics) but we grew up in very standard, typical 'red truck for boys, dolls for girls, boys wear pants, girls wear girly clothes' kinda stuff- yet, we have far, far less tolerance for rape - our parents would beat the living snots out of us and we'd not walk straight for a month or two if our dads found out, at 14 or 16, we touched a girl the wrong way. If we got her pregnant ? We'd either have to marry them or be disowned for being total failure at basic decency. Yes, there was a lot of cat-calling and sniggering at women- i chalk that up to a lot of repressed hormones and 'not getting any - as in 0.0%- but for us, it is pretty unthinkable to rape a girl- even in college/university. Gender roles per se are not to blame, otherwise, we'd see far greater prevalence of rape in gender-steriotyped but not religiously repressed towards sexuality cultures - cultures like most of India (The NW is screwed up in this regard), Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
  13. This. A prime aged goalie in the top-10 of the league, should fetch more than a 9 OA pick. Period.
  14. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    Well, no cup run is guaranteed until it happens. But most observers would say that Florida has a better shot at winning the cup in the next 5 years than we do. Their 'new core' is more experienced and better formed. Huberdau, Trocheck, Bjugstad, Ekblad are better than their young counterparts in Vancouver and most observers would say that Florida's future is way more secure than Vancouver's at this point. Remember, they too can acquire UFAs to pad their core, just like we do. Also, why would it make me question a professional sportsman's character, when they want more money/go where the money is ? That is exactly what professional means and i respect anyone who wants the best financial reward for their thousands of hours in the trade. This is where Florida does have an advantage over anywhere else, give top end players effectively save 15-20% of their income. 15-20% of 5 million is enough money to buy you a house anywhere not named Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal....
  15. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    Because Florida does have a few things going for it that we don't : 1. They are 'closer' to finishing their rebuild than we are and thus are 'closer' to the cup than we are 2. No state personal income tax in Florida, so his dollars will go further.