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  1. Love ya Honey Badger, but it's time to move on. I like the Sens as a fit. They have prospect depth and picks to trade, plus that would put him in the East.
  2. 5 game point streak for McEneny. Nice, might have a sleeper here.
  3. Got this game two day ago, still stuck on Boss #2. This game keeps kicking me in the nuts but i can't stop playing. I got the platinum for a similar game in Lords of the Fallen, but this is way harder.
  4. Ya, from the same point in the article, #28. Scouts actually reached out to Friedman to mention this guy, Neal Pionk.
  5. Oops, here's the correct link: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/30-thoughts-red-wings-telling-teams-theyre-open-business/
  6. From Friedman's 30 thoughts: http://www.sportsnet.ca/insiders/elliotte-friedman/
  7. It's tricky though, because if we don't trade him now, we could lose him for nothing in the expansion draft. He's playing great, and yes his cap-hit is friendly, but I'd rather get something than nothing for him. BTW he submitted his 8-team list.
  8. It's ok to speculate guys, don't let these lifers ruin it for you. If it's the Futa thing, great. Though I always thought Linden's position was just a figurehead, maybe now it will be more of a leadership role above Benning. I think it could be for a potential trade, maybe viewing some of the prospect teams down there. Could also just be a fat guy and a tall guy boarding a private jet. I'm personally hoping for a Miller deal.
  9. A trade for Hutton has to involve an entry draft exempt forward coming the other way. Can't trade Hutton for a top 6 guy that we have to protect, would end up giving more than just Hutton away in that deal.
  10. Wooooo! Beauty by Tanman. Otherwise a pretty brutal game. Miller, my goodness! Sick moves.
  11. Rattie is back on waivers, and Fedun has spent most of the year with Buffalo. I wanted Rattie over Boucher last month, we'll see what happens.
  12. Can you spot the typo? A joke, just like his presidency.
  13. And a follow up: