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  1. I laughed.
  2. I assume that Subban thread is kicking around somewhere, but: Can we drop the issue? Stecher is the superior undersized D.
  3. Oh, just as I post that: Well he's not a placeholder for a rebuild. This is our guy.
  4. Have we confirmed the contract length yet?
  5. I recall an interview from Oct or Nov, when we sent Rodin down for conditioning thinking he was still good to go. Green was asked about Rodin, and shared his excitement, saying something along the lines of "we haven't had too many guys down in Utica with that kind of skill". He then went on to list Baertschi and Conacher (from the cup run), but outside of that in his tenure in Utica he hasn't really had prolific AHL scorers to work with. That in itself is impressive.
  6. Lol the Guy made a career of trashing the Canucks, and you expect him to be the one to save the team? Gahd.
  7. Already cutting our losses: It's probably a countdown thing, though I'd like to see some optimism; however vain.
  8. Not the sexy choice, but the right choice. Next year is largely a write off, so give the guy a shot to see if he can do any better than WD. TG has done some impressive things with Utica despite having questionable rosters. I wonder if Green has guys he wants to bring with him. I mean Baumer as an assistant coach seems likely. Even outside of coaching staff, if Green has players from Portland or Utica that he wants to see on this roster. I'm thinking WD with the horde he brought with him (Vey, Dorsett, Etem, Perry Pearn, Doug Lidster, Philip Larsen). Or maybe management has learned their lesson on letting coaches dictate things.
  9. Vote NDP.
  10. Too many cooks in the Kitchen.
  11. Translate from Indonesian

  12. The Euro out-clause is interesting. Sweden starts a bit earlier in the summer, and their season will be underway by the time the Canucks start training camp. I'm guessing the Canucks are gambling that he doesn't want to return mid-season, and would thus be willing to go to Utica. Maybe he blows everyone away out of camp and stays. Giving him a euro-out clause is either a gamble or confidence that he will stick around. Anyways, add another name to our roster of musical chairs: Baertschi - Horvat - _____ Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Eriksson - Sutter - ______ ______ - _______ - Dorsett (Megna, Boeser, Goldobin, Gaunce, Boucher, Dahlen, Virtanen)
  13. Calder nominees just announced: Who should win, vs. who do you think will win?
  14. Well it's good to see the Canucks made an effort and offered him an extension. I wonder if his young wife really wanted to stay in Russia. Helps clean up some animosity towards both sides. I'll hold out hope that he eventually comes back while we still have his rights. Until then, we have a glaring need for a young, physical defenseman.