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  1. Practicing, and not on LTIR. That's a good sign. I think he comes back for our next homestand, as opposed to missing the two week roadtrip proceeding it.
  2. Gaudette doesn't get enough love:
  3. We won in spite of Willie! Not only a blown challenge on nothing, but the derpy line shuffle. Hansen played amazing! Strong game for Markstrom! Horvat bulling to the net despite 4 Sabres checking him, CLUTCH!
  4. Ya, let's go with Speculation on this one. Just lost what remaining respect I had for Pratt. 3-0 start... LET'S TRADE OUR STARTER.
  5. Something I've noticed this year is a vast wealth of defensive depth, with seemingly little in the way of talented forward call-ups. On D, we're 10 deep, with Tryamkin/Biega as the current extras and Pedan/Stecher as immediate call-ups. Beyond those 10, there is Subban, Billins, and Nilsson. I think the Canucks are in a place where they can look at moving defensive depth for some Utica scoring and depth call-up. With Virtanen and Gaunce both making the team, our scoring call-ups are limited. Right now, if an injury were to occur to our top 6 our call up options are: Carcone, Chaput, Grenier, LaBate, Megna, Rendulic, Zalewski None of these guys are notable scorers. So what can Subban land us? His 4 points in 2 games is an impressive start, and this is building off an already solid rookie season last year. I think he would best be moved to a team in need of some defensive depth, with a forward coming back. A few targets might include: The Leafs/Marlies: - Have a lot of young forward talent on the Marlies, with a lot of new talent on the big team - Lack defensive prospects - Upfront, first call-ups would likely be Soshnikov or Rychel, meaning the following would be considered depth: Kasperi Kapanen - Strong start to the year with 5 points in 2 games. - Former 1st rounder, has been slow in his NA development Tobias Lindberg - Has been a scorer at every level, including Sweden Men's league - Strong rookie year in AHL with 22 in 34 - Good size at 6'3 200 Brendan Leipsic - Bounced around a bit, older at 22 - Scorer in the AHL with 108 points in 137 games I think there's strong potential for a prospect trade with Toronto, that could add some much needed forward call-up depth.
  6. No Backes on the Blues, should be good for the Canucks. He seemed to harbor a particular hatred towards us. Good test early on in the season. I expect a high-scoring game for both sides.
  7. Larsen with 4:48 of PP time.... that's going to change right? Oh god I hope that changes.
  8. Gulutzan is secretly a Canucks plant, making Willie D the smartest coach in NHL history.
  9. Miller with the rare 2-1 overtime shutout. Well done sir, well done.
  10. kfdsakl;jklj;fadsdfajslkdjkldlkjflka;jsdlkfjal;oskjd;klfj;laskldjflkjaslkdjflkja;lksdlfkjaslkdjfkljasdkljfklasjdklfjkla;;dlkfjlksajdlfkaljk;dsfjanhsdjhfa Still 25 Hours. I could murder someone and not even feel bad.
  11. Now to free up a roster spot: Does Etem get waived again?
  12. With Etem getting claimed, and Virtanen/Gaunce both making the team, it's hard to see where our call-up scoring might come from. We have a tonne of two-way capable guys in Utica that could fill in the bottom 6, but I don't see scoring anywhere. Your options: Carcone Cassels Chaput Grenier LaBate Laplante Megna Rendulic Zalewski
  13. Well I hope Horvat gets a tonne of special teams time. I'm warming up to the idea, if only because Gaunce gets a shot to produce, and Granlund gets scoring wingers. Maybe it's just strategy for the crazy first month of games, and adjust if players go down.
  14. Good for both sides. Something above league minimum for Skille, and a good contract for the Canucks.