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  1. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    This game is beyond dumb. This should have ended 3 minutes into overtime, but apparently tying up your own goaltender counts as interference. Carcone an absolute disaster in this one. Handed them the first goal, and took a dumb penalty in OT. I'd swap Dahlen for him in an instant. Eh, I should say something positive. Chaput looks amazing at this level. He was clutch in scoring that goal with 36 seconds left, in addition to assisting on the 1st goal. Demko is a stud! Absolute stalwart back there. I was also impressed by some of the AHL guys in Blujus/McMaster. This one should have gone to the Comets.
  2. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    I'm stoked to see that we signed him! I don't know if he'll ever make the Canucks, but he's at least proven he's solid depth even at this stage. I'd sign a half dozen Jaseks over the likes of Chaput/Megna/Cassels.
  3. Bridge is all they can expect. I had high hopes for these two. Both have shown upside, but they're 25 now.. a stage where it's make it or break it. They're no longer young guys with potential to bet on, but rather established pros with middling production. There was a period towards the end of the season where I felt Archibald/Leipsec could legitimately beat out Granlund/Baertschi for their spots on LW. We're a long ways from camp, but no spots should be guaranteed.
  4. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Watching this one. up 2-0 quickly in the first. MacMaster is impressive, so is Jasek - nice dash on the 2nd goal.
  5. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Games like this will make me miss the Canucks during the long offseason; while lengthy goalless droughts will make me crave it.
  6. Bold move. To re-enter would almost certainly have him drafted later. He might get passed around for a few late picks.
  7. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

  8. Well, it seems we've already paid out most of his contract:
  9. Robidas Island indefinitely. As for the person, I hope he gets better. For the player, your contribution is on the sidelines.
  10. A correction, Motte/Goldobin papered:
  11. I see most of Benning's logic, and I'm inclined to believe him as his poker face is non-existent. However, I have a problem with all three coming to the team. I believe the AHL deadline is coming up, and I hope all 3, in addition to Goldobin, are being papered down for some play-off hockey. If they're all up here for the remainder of the season, then where is there room? I imagine we want to give Gaudette some games too.
  12. Keep in mind we took on a cap dump. That should have sweetened the pot.
  13. Liked the Holm trade when many didn't. This one however, I'm preparing to complain. A middling prospect and a cap dump for our 2nd leading scorer? I would have taken the pick - assuming it was offered.