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  1. I'm kinda iffy about it. I mean we just signed a pair of overagers in Chatfield/McEwen, the former of which is a defenseman. We're losing the Aces next year, so I can't imagine that Utica can hold all of these overagers. As well, wouldn't signing Raddysh limit our ability to sign drafted guys like Neil/Olson? Keep in mind Brisebois can turn pro next season as well. I guess a free prospect is a free prospect, but it's time to start weighing the opportunity cost in terms of contract numbers.
  2. What if (for next year): Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Eriksson - Granlund - Goldobin Sedin - Sedin - Boucher Gaunce - Sutter - Chaput Skille (Virtanen) Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Tryamkin - Gudbranson Biega (Miller) Markstrom Bachman (Demko) Sbisa lost in expansion draft. We draft 5-10, take a C in Mittelstadt, Rasmussen, or Vilardi. Attempt to sign Miller, but don't agree on 2 years. One of Bachman/Demko earns back up spot. Virtanen waiver eligible, has to earn spot.
  3. Great game. Missed by many was some excellent play by Skille, it's too bad he went down. Boucher is making a case to come back next year. I'm thinking Boucher - Sutter - Goldobin could turn into something. Goldobin too had a good game. More positive about this team's future following this one.
  4. Amazed at how quickly he jelled with the Horvat line. He didn't look out of place in a single shift. Can breathe a bit easier knowing we're looking at a potential first line.
  5. Taking part of my quote out of context, then conveniently ignoring that I posted the GIF of the goal in the Juolevi thread.
  6. Jeez, local pundits right on it: I feel bad for the kid.
  7. Damn... McAvoy is a fine defenceman. I have some doubts growing now as to whether Juolevi was the best D available. Anyway, we'll see if McKenzie had it right, and the Canucks offer Boeser a chance to burn a year off his ELC. I guess I'm excited about the possibility, but I would happily wait until training camp to see him.
  8. Thanks!
  9. Lol and he moved Shore up after he was responsible for 2 GA (i'm counting the disallowed goal, from which was clearly his check). Willie needs to go.
  10. Great goaltending has made this team deceptively competitive. Wacky finish to this one. I would have lost it if they disallowed that goal. Toews complaining about what was clearly interference pissed me off enough.
  11. Guys.. watch the video referenced, jesus. He says off the top that if Boeser's team doesn't advance the Canucks would be ok signing and burning a year.
  12. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/insider-trading-should-the-islanders-consider-trading-tavares~1083093 McKenzie on Boeser ~3:20. He fully expects the Canucks not only to sign Boeser, but potentially burn a year off his ELC this year.
  13. I guess moving Biega up is more telling of not extending Skille/Cramarossa/Megna/Boucher.
  14. I think if Biega is exposed as a F or a D, Vegas will likely look past him onto anyone else who is available. This could however be the basis for a trade heading into the expansion draft. I'm thinking after the season for a team that doesn't have the required 2 F/ 1 D exposed. Move Beiga for a pick prior to the draft in that case. Still a headscratcher.