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  1. It's great to see Dorsett play right now. It's reminiscent of the Cowen days in 06-07, except I think Dorsett could keep this up, and doesn't require the twins to do it. On paper Granlund-Sutter- Dorsett might be a 4th line, but they're also our matchup line, and are getting a tonne of minutes. So far this season, they're the only 3 I would put down as a lock. Good stuff.
  2. Gotta put this one on Guddy and a lengthy PK. 3 goals has to win it for us most nights. Anyways, on to the next one. Give Nilsson the start vs. his former team?
  3. Really liking our left side right now. MDZ, Hutton, and Pouliout can all move the puck out with ease.
  4. I have many unkind things to say about Shaw. I imagine others are the same. I'd caution advertising that you work for them.
  5. I was prepared to slag Vanek, but then he scores on a breakaway beauty. Huge night for Nilsson, gotta give him the Boston game after that. Our 'starter' will be week to week. Burmistrov! My guy! Says he's happy playing hockey again during the intermission. I hope he keeps it up.
  6. Could be Sutter that's out, hence the C call-up. Reports are that Sutter is just feeling unwell. If it was merit based, and a winger to replace Eriksson, you'd have to think it'd be one of Boucher/Goldobin. Utica's meager centre depth takes another hit.
  7. He had a good first start with the Canucks. 3rd in icetime with an assist, and worked himself onto the powerplay. A rare bright spot in what was a terrible loss vs. the Flames.
  8. 3rd in icetime on defence last night. He looks to be an all situations guy.
  9. The latest:
  10. Looking forward to seeing Pouliout tonight. I'm hoping he shows some of his offensive flair, and is steady in his own zone.
  11. That would be fantastic if a deal of $4m per 4 could get done. However based on the summer of re-signing to 3.5 on a one year term, and a rumored deal to Florida with Demers coming back, I would say that a long term extension might be out of our reach with Guddy. If this is the case then we should explore moving him, perhaps closer to the deadline, and with a better return than the B prospects that are rumored.
  12. If McCoshen or Petrovic are coming back I could see us doing it. Otherwise, what are we even talking about here? Guddy for some undersized forward prospects? Not even getting McCann back? We do have to be practical, as there is a good chance that Guddy could test free agency, but damn lets get something we can use now, and wait on the plethora of prospects we currently have.
  13. I don't like either of the players mentioned. If we're taking a hit on the blueline, or even talking about it this early in the season, I should hope an NHL ready defenseman is part of the package coming back. I'm not opposed to moving him, as it seems he could test free agency at the end of the season. McCann is turning into a forward for them, we can't lose the same trade twice by acquiring the aforementioned undersized AHLers.
  14. I like this for the Knights actually. A prospect and a pick for the replacement of a waiver claim on Tuesday. Lindberg used to be a solid prospect, an off year certainly, but he can get back.
  15. Ugh at the Dahlen news. It's certainly not a kindness to have brought him over with mono just to sit through training camp, and get cut from the Comets. He could have been playing along side Pettersson this whole time. Well, except for the mono period. Here's hoping the team he goes to is Vaxjo.