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  1. That's actually an impressive return for what he is.
  2. Flames projected line up: https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/projected-lineup---flames-vs-canucks/c-291201406 Young D core, a few bubble guys up front. I'd expect Glass/Cramarossa want to mess things up.
  3. Should be a good test for the young guys. I'm liking our top 6 wingers, all of them on the bubble. I'll be keeping an eye on Holm, quite the adventure that guy is. First chance to see MacEwen/Chatfield against some pros.
  4. Keep in mind Sergachev went for Drouin. Maybe we could swing Juolevi for Duchene? Have to add some cap though.
  5. Tip on takeout?

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    2. debluvscanucks


      Good to know re Assembli.....visit that area often.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      yah I liked it a lot, I haven't tried the lunch place right beside it yet but it looks good too. 

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      oh thats funny I thought "tip" was where to go :picard: always 20% , those folks work hard. 

  6. Lol, I'm with you, his response was rude. As per Boucher, it's worth discussing. A few pages back I was arguing with someone on here about it being good for Boucher. He was of the opinion that Boucher to China is almost certainly bad for him, as he would be an extra forward in both games. I think travelling that far, with the team, and the expensive Crystal air cruise (https://www.crystalcruises.com/aircruises?reload=1) that Boucher might be in a good spot. We'll see if he gets some games in, but even practicing in front of the actual coach, as opposed to Cull, has to bode well for him.
  7. Is that signature of yours real? If so, what was the circumstance?

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    2. SabreFan1


      According to White House leaks and insiders, he finally came to accept the fact that he is truly unliked only a week or two ago.  I think it helps explain why he out of nowhere started to work with the opposing party.

    3. HerrDrFunk


      @SabreFan1 Fake news....F Dreamers....and so on and so forth.

    4. SabreFan1


      @HerrDrFunkDon't doubt for a minute that if it wasn't for the fact that immigrants overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic party, the Democrats wouldn't give a rat's patootie about immigration.

  8. Hossa is allergic to equipment, but if Luongo were to retire at 40 we have a $6m cap hit. Screw bettman.
  9. Boeser was taking draws too, and didn't look so great doing it. Looking at who was left behind, and I think our only natural centres are Chaput and Cassels. Further down we have Mckenzie/Moynihan and I'm not sure they get a game.
  10. Juolevi didn't have a great game. That's just being honest. I think he's still adjusting to his weight. The Tkachuk/Juolevi comparisons should stop though. One's a forward, the other a D. The McAvoy/Sergachev/Chychrun comparisons are fair, and absolutely a metric to measure against. I think a year in Finland would do Juolevi good. Junior seems redundant though.
  11. Positives: Boeser - Fantastic 3 point night. NHL shot, and high IQ. A few more games like that and he'll make the big squad. Lind - Looked comfortable among NHLers. He has amazing vision, and didn't back down physically. Archibald - Big physical guy managed a few mega hits and 2 fights. Should keep an eye on him for a contract this season if we start getting bullied around. Virtanen - physical brand of hockey with a few good rushes down the wing. He was also parked in front of the net. Another great showing for him. So-so: Goldobin - Iffy passes, too many giveaways. Would hope that he emerges as a leader in young squad. Seems dependent upon having skilled linemates. Rodin - He has to be more hungry! He still has to earn his spot, and more games like that won't help. He had a fair amount of power play opportunities and couldn't cash in. Holm - He managed a goal and an assist, but he looks awful in his own end. Maybe it's the system, or the smaller ice but he needs some time in Utica. Subban - great goal rushing down the wing and potting it top shelf. He was exposed at a ridiculous rate defensively. Negative: Bachman - 5 goals against in half a game. Granted, no D to work with but that's a young set of shooters he's facing; he should be able to stop more. Our PK - granted probably no one on this roster would play our regular season PK, but damn if we weren't wrecked. Too many penalties.
  12. Holm is such an enigma. He makes some egregious defensive plays, and some brilliant offensive ones. He should work out the kinks in Utica.
  13. Need a better 3rd. MOAR GOALS.