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  1. [Rumor] Canucks shopping for top 9 forward

    I think we set the price last year for a top 9 winger; that being an A-level prospect (Goldobin/Dahlen). I'd hate to see us pay that again. Now, trading a defenseman I could get behind. I fully believe the organization has plans for Holm, and probably don't mind playing Wiercioch. We could likely get a quality forward for one of Hutton/Gudbranson. I'd welcome it.
  2. Lind/Gadj on the same line, with what should be a lock in McLeod, can only bode well. I think the Kaspick - Ang - Batherson line will be among the first group cut.
  3. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    His replacement: ----------------- Some perspective though, because I think Brough is making a lot out of nothing. Here's the quote: And good on Dhaliwal for contacting the Agent
  4. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    You guessed correctly:
  5. The tweet to which I'm sure you're referring: So 3-7m increase. Even on the low side, that's a far bit. This would certainly help with the pending raises to Baertschi, Granlund, Stecher, Pouliot and possibly Gudbranson. Though, I think we can expect some cap freed up from the Sedin's pay cut. I doubt the higher cap means we're active in free agency, but it certainly means we can keep the guys we want to keep.
  6. Let's just put this to bed:
  7. Well now you're just consumed by the age-gap. Dowd is a player currently in the NHL, that excels in the faceoff dot. Subban is a prospect that couldn't get regular time in Utica. He would have been our 4-5th call-up, sometime after the 8 currently with the team, then Wiercioch, Holm, and McEneny (when healthy). In terms of promise - Dowd has excelled in every league he's been in. He put up points through college, won a championship with LA's farm team, and produced 22 points in 70-odd games last year at the NHL level. He's a solid 4th liner. Promise from Subban is the more curious statement.
  8. Ya, certainly a slap in the face to guys like Chaput/Burmi. I'm not sure Dowd knocks Burmi out of the lineup immediately, but is a far better option for defensive zone face-offs that we're otherwise missing with Sutter/Horvat gone.
  9. PLease, i've had two -35 posts criticizing Benning myself. This isn't Subban v. Benning. It's is J. Subban an NHL player? If you're going to make it a mangement thing, then the return of Dowd looks pretty promising. We're low on centres with Horvat/Sutter out, this fills a stop-gap, and could be a player for us if he fits. Bottom line is we added a guy better than Chaput while giving up our 13th defenseman on our depth chart.
  10. This is absurd. Not only saying that Jordan will be the best Subban (a faux interview, with a sell-job by his brother), but also the belief that he'll turn into a winger, in addition to making the big league. Subban didn't pan out, it's time to move on.
  11. I'm more of the opinion that Stecher paved way to Subban's movement. I mean they're both undersized right defensemen, Stecher being miles ahead in development.
  12. Anyways, while everyone has drifted here - what do you guys think about acquiring a centre with Horvat out? We seem to have a tonne of D depth with Guddy yet to return and Holm/Wiercioch tearing up the AHL. Could we package some D for a centre?
  13. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Looks like Chaput and Demko were last minute scratches tonight. I'm thinking they both get the call; Chaput if Horvat is out, and Demko for the LTIR.
  14. CAN - Lind, Gadjovich, DiPietro

    USA - Lockwood

    FIN - Juolevi

    SWE - Pettersson