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  1. I would bet a lot of money that we won't come last.
  2. My goalie on the team I played for in Virginia this year played against him his whole childhood, doesn't like him at all LOL. But I think thats to be expected with rivalries and a bit of jealousy!
  3. I snuck out there on my lunch break for around 45 minutes. Holy did Virtanen ever get rocked, he looked pretty embarassed after that. He was getting frustrated all practice, and threw out a couple loud F bombs throughout the drills. some quick thoughts: Subban looked very good. so much confidence and skill, I guess size is the only knock on him but it's hard not to notice him out there. Most impressive player for me. Boeser looked solid, but nothing special, had a good shot, but I believe he is younger than most of the guys out there,so I understand. Jasik impressed me for where he got drafted. looked really shifty and skilled, but small. Same with the Russian Zhukenov, good skill, small, but would sulk and looked pissed off if he messed up. the 6'9'' goalie McLean looked very good, made some crazy glove saves. I liked Evan McEneny, he had some good hands and is huge. Caito was the one who rocked virtanen and someone else during the practice, he looked solid. Also thought Cederholm looked good, could definitely see him in the Canucks lineup within a couple years. It was cool to see some of the talent. I was sitting a few seats away from Benning and Trevor Linden, two kids even came up to me for autographs at Subway afterwards thinking I was a player haha!
  4. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    Don't twist an ankle while you jump out of the bandwagon. Good riddance. I'm excited to see who the true fans are over this upcoming "retool". The bad fans tend to be the ones who became "Canucks fans" once we had success anyways.
  5. General Hockey Questions

    ummm, i was at a game a few years ago where they lost 8-7( I think) to the oilers!
  6. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    "Kassian with the Gordie Howe hat trick"