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  1. Feet so hot last night = worst sleep ever

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    2. goalie13


      Portable air conditioner = Best $400 I ever spent.


      Although I think they cost more now.  We bought ours 4 years ago and never regretted it.  Even if we only use it a couple of weeks each year, it is worth it.

    3. luckylager


      When I was in my early 20's, single and had no food in my freezer - I used to cram my sheet and pillows in it on hot days.

      Lived in a old south facing, top floor apartment overlooking a parking lot.

      &^@# that place used to get so hot.

    4. brilac


      You could have a fan at the end of your bed on high.

  2. This is why I stopped eating meat a long time ago:



    1. KristoffWixenschon


      Factory farming is a disgusting industry. I considered a vegetarian life but instead I started to take hunting and fishing seriously or buy from local, small scale farms with practices more aligned with my ethics. I know that's not the answer for everyone, especially people who live in cities or people who are living at or below the poverty line. 

      Its a complicated subject but there must be a better solution than extreme suffering.



      @KristoffWixenschon that's a thoughtful response.


      I agree with you, like many other horrific things going on in the world, there needs to be change.  Transparency and people trying to put their best foot forward is a good first step :metal:

    3. KristoffWixenschon


      Well I hope my response to this reality was thoughtful. I hope to always put thought into my actions. I'm sure we both approached this issue with the best of our intentions and consulted our inner ethics. I think we achieved different outcomes but I deeply respect the thoughtfulness in your decisions!

  3. cdc needs a bear emoji

  4. Is Thatcher Demko on social media at all?  Read in Murphy's interview that he likes to read moral philosophy/ethics which is kind of cool.  Would like to recommend a book if possible.  

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    2. Strombone


      Thatcher was telling Ian MacIntyre that he doesn't believe in pressure.

    3. -AJ-


      Sounds like a deep thinker. It'd be neat to get a coffee with him and hear his thoughts on philosophy and morality. 

    4. Dazzle


      @-AJ- I would be curious to see him on weed. (In a world where legality is not an issue whatsoever)

  5. Bryan Hayes said the Canucks are a "brutal" team


    I hope they lay a royal $&!# on their leafs

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    2. 6string


      I believe this is an earlier photo of Bryan Hayes...1219076235_tmlfan.jpg.1f01f39bb8bb2ba6bb7ae9411bf3596e.jpg

    3. NUCKER67


      Leafs have been brutal since 1967

    4. King Heffy
  6. RIP one of the all time best, Pernell Sweet Pea Whitaker



  7. Canuck fans, an interview worth checking out:


    Interesting thoughts on Ferland, Virtanen, Travis Green and the Canucks and their progression in general, from a CGY perspective.



  8. so when can players start being signed, and why am I still awake?


    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      officially 12:01 and i don’t know.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      As Webster used to say. 9 AM precisely!

  9. Can Pearson be a 20 goal scorer next season?  I think so


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    2. Pears


      @ReggieBush He’ll retire or be traded with Goldobin imo. He shouldn’t risk getting another concussion and Goldy is just too inconsistent to be given a spot. 

    3. J-23


      No I think Leivo can though.

    4. coastal.view


      those 2 and baer shore up the l wing nicely


      let's focus on improving the d in the offseason

      a bit more quality in the d will improve the offense group

      in fact, that will improve the offense more then adding any individual offensive player

  10. Hughes Tanev

    Hutton Stetcher

    Edler Gudbranson

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      A bit early to be giving Hughes top 4 minutes.  Pair him up with Guds (who can at least protect him if opposing forwards take too many liberties on the small rookie).  Guds has worked well will an offensively skilled D partner (in Florida) so it could be a good fit as well.

  11. Give a listen to Higgins and B. Morrison on sportnet 650 (rintoul and walker, last Fridays show).  Some great conversation about other players and their time in the NHL.

  12. Id like to see McEneny or Sautner get a legit chance. Biega too.

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    2. Odd.


      Evan McEneny has done a terrific job down there in Utica. He needs to start seeing some action with the big boys. Pouliot hasn't been cutting it.

    3. Ghostsof1915
    4. Jaku


      McEneny for sure. 

  13. dang.  probably no EP v EDM tomorrow

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      No sense rushing him in.  Oilers are horrible so we should still be able to beat them even without Pettersson.

    3. luckylager


      With or without Petey, I hope they play the same way they did against Florida.


      I'd love to see Guddy lay a beat down on Lucic. 

    4. AlwaysACanuckFan


      ^ And another 3 point Eriksson night. 

  14. lol what was going on with McCann tonight?  

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      hutton and him were definitely going at each other pretty hard.  i lol'd when I saw mccann try to challenge beagle to fight right as the game ended

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      Hutton could easily drop McCann dead

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      He's got only one fewer point as Virtanen (and plays center).  Seems to be doing 'ok' for the Panthers.

  15. Who hits harder: Edler or Gudbranson?  My vote goes to Edler.  When he hits it looks like he hits through guys whereas ive seen Gudbranson many times bounce off his own hits

    1. -AJ-


      Edler. He's a heavier player, on top of seeming to know how to hit as well better than Guddy. There's something to be said for hitting technique. It's why guys like Cooke and Kronwall could hit so hard. Gudbranson is a big guy who's a decent fighter and decent hitter, but he's no Byfuglien.

    2. Type R

      Type R

      I'd say Edler as well, however Eddies hits are always akward, and there are times he takes the worst of it and takes himself out entirely.  Its like he glides in, tenses the body up and hopes for the best.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Mrs Alf hits harder.  Ask Alf.



  16. The Boesersson effect: We see it with good players all the time.  Lucic chooses EDM with Mcdavid there.  Matthews being in TOR might have had a lot to do with Tavares going there.  

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    2. C.A. Nux

      C.A. Nux

      Who, in your obviously humble opinion, will the Boesersson effect affect and pull into our wet little corner of the world?

    3. MikeBossy


      Rumor has it Jack Hughes wants to play here and not just because of his brother (E5)

      * my source is the janitor at Jack Hughes home arena in the USHL :P 



      @C.A. Nuxno one in particular, but as others have said top college free agents would be a boon. Although the Canucks prospect pool is getting better I think there is still a lot of opportunity for new players. 


      As far as vets go Im not after the big ticket players.  I think the young guys should fill those roles.  Maybe a Bobrovsky though I can handle

  17. S.O.B might make it as a great analyst.  

    1. Honeydew


      He would, very well spoken.

    2. NUCKER67


      I actually really enjoyed listening to him. I thought he may come off as a sarcastic ego mad party guy, but he had some good things to say and probably has a ton of great stories to share. He seems up front, wouldn't hold much back, and is honest. Listening to him talk about facing the Hawks back in the day, the hatred between teams and how fun that was. It brought back memories of that rivalry.

  18. I know EP scored 2 goals but I honestly think the unsung hero of last game was Hutton by a country mile.  

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    2. gameburn


      I never played hockey beyond Midget.  So, never really appreciated defensive side of the game, tbh.  I think you may be on to something though.  The team looked very different under WD -- a lot of shoot ins.  And very different under Torts -- a full court press game.  Travis is different again, not sure what his system is, but the team seems to be giving up fewer 3 on 2, 2 on 1s and also seems to be getting more out of Edler, and now Hutton.  They do pinch a lot, and generally don't give up the blueline as easily.

    3. coastal.view


      i really think edler has another year or 2 after this season of being a very effective dman for the nucks

      the issue will be injuries

      but i can see him easily playing 3 seasons after this one, he might decline in the 3rd year

      he'd be a good mentor for our 2 young prospect, hughes and oj

      if those 4 and hutton and stetcher and guddy are the main 7

      we have a chance of being a much better d grouping next season



      I'm a huge fan of Edler.  That being said, right now you are seeing a defense that can really move.   They are pinching aggressively and doing a pretty good job with coverage in their own end.  I hate to say it but perhaps speed is the nail in the coffin for him.  

      Hutton might even be showing he can play a similar role next season:

      Hutton Stetcher

      Hughes Tanev
      Juolevi Gudbranson

  19. Teams I dislike this year: no offense if you're a fan of these teams, well maybe not the Oilers.

    1. Oilers

    2. Jets

    3. TOR


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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Boston belongs in any hated list.  Just a classless organization from the top down.

    3. coastal.view


      and the fact that boston appears to be a bit of the league's pet

      that is so irritating

      marchand on any other team would have had many more days off

      due to his antics

      but because he is on boston. not so much



      @Jaku, @King Heffy, @coastal.view I forgot about Marchand.  Honorable mention to BOS

  20. What would be your signature sushi roll?


    Im thinking 'Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds'


    Not sure what Id put in it though

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      A lawyer roll called the SoSumi. Its bbq eel and you end up paying twice for it. 

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Picture your rice with some seaweed & snapper

      At you it's looking, with MACKerel eyessss

      Going by clockwise the plates are all moving

      & waitress with SUMO-sized thighhhhs...

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Withering rice stalks, green wasabe

      Towering over a hare

      Look for the girl with the sun on her flag

      There's some prawn


      boom, boom, boom


      Sushi in the sky, & priced-down.(ahhhhhhhhhhh)

  21. Roussel Sutter Virtanen

  22. For all the hate MDZ gets and trade Tanev talk, those 2 (and Stetcher) went to the hospital and stayed there when Boeser got badly injured.  

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      It's a business. 

    3. PhillipBlunt


      His offseason training looks pretty intense. I'm thinking that he'll have a solid season coming up.


      The burgeoning team atmosphere that's slowly building here is really great, and is something that can't really be manufactured. Having that overall positive team chemistry mixed in with the acquisition of more physical players will make the Canucks a team that other teams won't really be looking forward to playing.


      I think the Canucks might be doing the injuring more than being injured this coming season.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i look at the left side as being, edler, del zotto, hutton and pouliot. if hughes, juolevi, brisebois and sautner show they can make this team, whose place do they take? it isn't about hate but about logical rotation. we all know that our defense last year, wasn't good enough. 

  23. I think Hughes is gonna show up Makar

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    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      I only wonder if JB would've taken Makar over Pettersson

    3. coastal.view


      a very good question

      i suspect he was seriously interested




      @Ghostsof1915  too late! All aboard the Hughes hype train!

  24. Who are some of your favorite power forwards left in the draft?  

    1. Jaku


      Ryan McLeod. 6'2, 206lbs. Skates like the wind and is dominating physical player. Just needs to find his scoring. Could be more of a top 9 shutdown guy. 

    2. stonecoldstevebernier


      I feel like he'll be gone before 37, but Serron Noel would be a great add.