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  1. Youtube thread 2.0

    May I present this gem:          
  2. He's by no means perfect but I really like what  Bartkowski  brings.  
  3. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    I'm glad Vrbata got some points but I want to see him get the puck back a b it more
  4. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    Much excitement Such worry So amaze
  5. [BOXING]Boxing related discussion here!

    well to be fair to Floyd he fights in a lower weight class than GGG.  I don't think he could get to welterweight without giving up alot of his strength that makes him so dominant.   Finally watched Canelo/Cotto.  Pretty entertaining fight.  Cotto just didn't have the power to hurt Canelo even though he was right there point wise for much of the fight.  The fact that Canelo ate so many of Cotto's jabs and combinations makes me think he is either going to get wolloped by GGG, or have to make some big time adjustments.
  6. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Luckily Parise is injured who always seems to be that Canuck killer/clutch player for the Wild
  7. [BOXING]Boxing related discussion here!

    I think so as well.  I'm more impressed with GGG's technical ability the more I watch him.  
  8. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    I'm really impressed with how solid Markstrom seems in net.  He is still adjusting to the game and gaining experience of course. Love how he likes to handle the puck and make plays.  
  9. Jannik "Stone Hands" Hansen

    Jannik "Usain Bolt" Hansen
  10. What are you listening to?

  11. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    Edler is a beast
  12. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    My poor Canucks :(
  13. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    WPG is probably the hardest hitting team in the NHL.