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  1. At what point for Brocket Boeser

    I remember watching his draft interview and JB was all giddy when asked what type of player Brock was going to be. "goal scorer" lol Impressive the amount of skill and hockey sense this kid has. Fingers crossed there are some other home runs in the prospect pool.
  2. [Waivers] Matt Read (cleared)

    isnt 31 ancient by cdc standards?
  3. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Went to go see the Justice League movie after they tied it up. Was expecting some nice highlights and a third period win..................
  4. [Report] Luke Witkowski suspended 10 games

    haha right on (not the suspension), it's too bad he didnt get his hands on Tkachuck tho
  5. long story short I dont think intelligence is a necessary criteria,if that were the case the severely cognitively impaired, the old and senile and toddlers for example would have to be left out in the cold too. I just mentioned it because it is one of the many qualities of our well being we respect, but probably a topic best left for another day.........
  6. From what Ive read, the move is to allow the 'flow' of more money into Zimbabwe, in turn using that money for "increased conservation". That's not exactly science, but more of a change in policy regulation. I understand there is difficulties in the distribution of elephants in Zimbabwe (some areas are over populated whereas some are under populated), but if you think trophy hunting somehow is the only to fix that problem, well then you are being naive. Softening the regulations on the ivory trade has detrimental impacts as well. It makes it MUCH more difficult to determine if ivory is legally or illegally obtained with the increased flow of it. But I highly doubt trophy hunters give a damn about that. Finally, people will hate me for it but Ill say it anyways: I am a firm believer that non human animals should be rights-holders. Elephants are a perfect example of sentient creatures that are similar to us in all the important ways that matter. They are incredibly social, intelligent, and emotion creatures. Hunting them for sport trivializes those basic interests WE take for granted (and hypocritically guarantee rights for the protection of). So yeah, not cool with this.
  7. New Rule..Butterfly-BAN!

    I say if goalies can make crotch saves, that gives their team a goal (scored by the goalie of course). Scccchwingggggg!
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    The Boeser penalties were actually kind of funny. But holy cow LA's PP on the first Boeser penalty - Canucks dodged a bullet on that one. Bo as the ent front presence is is exactly what the Sedin PP needs (along with Boeser). He is quick and strong enough to recover pucks, and make life difficulty around the net. Eriiksson with a very solid game. That is the player I think JB wanted all along, and here is hoping he can keep playing well and have a solid season. I think LA had the more dangerous scoring chances though
  9. Duterte Schools Trudeau on His War on Drugs

    That's some solid Fillipino logic right there lol
  10. [Proposal] Acquiring Huberdeau

    One can dream. It's too bad though that the feeling is Gudbranson wont be a Canuck long term. Hopefully he surprises us.
  11. That's ugly. I didnt get to see the game. Did Meier have to answer the bell?
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    yikes. came home hoping to watch a fun gamn. judging by the score maybe I should I guess the suckages are worth watching too
  13. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Easy answer. Yes they should
  14. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    It has been a pleasant surprise so far.