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  1. Tanev is WAY better than Johnson
  2. Anyone who wants JB fired is batsh*t crazy IMO. I don't think you could find a more qualified guy to be VAN's gm. This team is headed in the right direction.
  3. I love what Sergachev brings, but I trust JB's opinion of Juolevi considering he was, you know, a former highly rated defenseman himself.
  4. When a PP starts, they should play Guile's music from Street Fighter
  5. I think you're right that players like Lee is who JB is interested in. My guess is with the Islanders roster situation which is getting pretty clogged up, they would probably want some sort of package to relieve that pressure (draft picks/prospects they can send down).
  6. Mike in Langley haha- kinda has a ring to it
  7. No, I was just trying to think of something fun. But your right though-any RWD light chassis with an LS motor is going to be fast, and scary to keep straight! I know this is thread is for American Muscle, and although I'm more of a BMW guy American Muscle car style heavily influences how I like to modify my car. This is a good example of what I'm going for:
  8. LS swapped Chevy S10
  9. Keep Tanev- he is the backbone of the defense group and he is a complete player too. Maybe not the most offensively gifted, but if he can get more pucks through to the net and continue to join the rush I think we'll see him generating more offense. Bill Peters had nothing but great things to say about him, and had him out late in games during the World Championships- he definitely makes any defense group better.
  10. Sedins are great players at gaining the zone and getting the PP set up, but unfortunately the PP lacks offensive shooters, especially if the PK clogs up the slot. They also arn't quick enough to retrieve the puck/pressure defenders after loose pucks to keep it in the zone. I don't think I've ever been so critical of the Sedins haha, but hoping they can prove otherwise.
  11. Even though you are correct, the thing is our expectations are much different than the expectations of those affected by collateral damage. We can try to rationalize it from our perspective, but when it is your friends, family or fellow citizens affected by severe harm and loss of life I think our perspective only goes so far. When matters hit close to home, it brings the value of human life into much sharper focus.
  12. J Subban for M Weber?