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  1. Dunkirk 9/10
  2. If he puts on a Canucks sweater I want nothing but the best fo rhim
  3. I hope he fails big time
  4. I would rather be the fan that wishes nothing but unending misery and horrible mis-fortune on a few opposing select teams
  5. Hope he's a bust
  6. Good. And I hope he stays there and the team tears itself apart
  7. Morally, I think there is no question that what they did (by not doing anything) was wrong. They could have at the very least called 911 if they felt their lives were at serious risk. The worse thing? At least 1 of the kids just smirked at the outcome.
  8. Mexican match ups lol. Those guys dont stop!
  9. If Conor shows his boxing/conditioning is even remotely close to Canelo at that time Ill be damn impressed! You are right tho, that was a clinic. Can you believe one of teh judges scored it a draw??!! lmao
  10. rewatched Canelo v Mayweather last night. Forgot how Mayweather has the ability to walk down his opponents with his shoulder. I think we will see a lot of that in this fight
  11. Virtanen Guadette Lockwood
  12. haha yeah I forgot about those. You must have a boatload of fun listening to John Garret I bet
  13. A lot of fights recently, even some of the very close ones have been judged fairly.