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  1. Nucks are gonna need all four lines rolling to beat the wild. Will be interesting to see Greens decisions for game 2. Roster adjustments or do they just keep rolling and hopefully get some offense going? I don't think the Nucks played horribly- I'd say 5 on 5 the Canucks were the better team. Credit to the Wild tho, they capitalized on the PP and won the game. Overall it was a very entertaining game despite the frustrating result.
  2. Transformers War for Cybertron CH1 Kick ass. Probably the only modern version of the og cartoon from the 80s that I have liked so far. Can't wait for my nephew to watch this.
  3. I was impressed with the degree of difficulty on some of the plays the Canucks made. Now if they can just get the puck past the goalie more that would be good.
  4. Feet so hot last night = worst sleep ever

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    2. goalie13


      Portable air conditioner = Best $400 I ever spent.


      Although I think they cost more now.  We bought ours 4 years ago and never regretted it.  Even if we only use it a couple of weeks each year, it is worth it.

    3. luckylager


      When I was in my early 20's, single and had no food in my freezer - I used to cram my sheet and pillows in it on hot days.

      Lived in a old south facing, top floor apartment overlooking a parking lot.

      &^@# that place used to get so hot.

    4. brilac


      You could have a fan at the end of your bed on high.

  5. To run a line up like this though the PK might have to go: Beagle Motte Pearson Roussel with Horvat taking face offs/shifts when needed. Don't think Green would be a fan of this PK unit but who knows. Sitting Sutter would be a ballsy move
  6. Don't think he has been. Lots of media reports stating that he looks very good/comfortable in camp so far. Probably the most polished black ace on the back end
  7. Little po'd the Canucks media relations done release all the zoom avails
  8. In person I don't think I'd care, but when I read "not much" I'm like not much what? I am doing re spray on a car right now tho so maybe I'm feeling a bit light headed
  9. This band is absolutely insane, and from Ottawa. The fact they've been together and playing this stuff since 96 is kinda bonkers. Melanie rips.
  10. Baldeurs Gate 3 anyone?
  11. Gonna have a much harder time re signing Toffoli if you trade his best bud away....
  12. @Dazzle Both of you should watch the Queer Eye on Netflix. Use it as a vehicle to talk and open things up. I find it to be such an inspiring and uplifting show. Who knows, maybe it opens up some doors conversation wise.
  13. Honestly, my guess is he's nowhere near game shape. If he can return to play, it's probably going to awhile.