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  1. I hate to say it but why are people so idiotic about their trade proposals. If the Flyers expect to get Kesler AND Edler in the deal, I expect us to get BOTH Schenn AND Couturier back in the deal. There must be a benefit in adding Edler in the deal, right now people are giving him away. So far I've seen is us getting 1 more prospect from Philly and a horrible cap dump roster player. Philly are prepared to overpay us as is right now for Kesler, so NO WAY we are adding in Edler for just a bit more. Edler can fetch a very decent prospect and a 1st rounder by himself. At this rate and all this speculation, the bidding war between two arch rivals can have Kesler himself fetch us what some idiotic proposals are for both Kesler and Edler.