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  1. Yeh but he can still offer sheeted right???...….joking
  2. The longer this plays out the more I'm thinking that Dubas wants Marner to sign an offer sheet. The leafs only have $3.7m in cap space left, according to capfriendly. If they matched an offer sheet they would still have to shed $4m-$7m in cap space. If he signs an offer sheet and the leafs can get 4 1st round picks as compensation, Dubas can sell that to there fans. The media would spin that as a masterstroke even though the rest could see it a complete asset management failure.
  3. You do realise that if Tryamkin comes back and plays with Myers, the Canucks have 13' 3" tall defence. Put Myers on Tryamkin's shoulders and he could touch the jumbotron
  4. The cynic in me thinks that the 7x7 rumours were put out there to by Canucks organization. Now it looks like they got a real bargain because people were expecting more term and cap space.
  5. I never thought the CDC community would have a higher IQ than another online community. I guess I was wrong. "There are only 2 things that are infinite. The Universe and human stupidity. And we're not sure about the Universe" - A. Einstein
  6. Some people have no idea of the price of a loaf of bread
  7. If the Canucks do manage to trade this contract be prepared to give up an asset as a sweetener. It might cost you Jake V or Adam G. TOR had to give up a first round pick to shake off one year of Marleau's contract. LE is younger but has 3 more years. Yikes.
  8. Agreed. I just can't see any situation whereby they trade Matthews. It's probably the right thing to do but even Rogers Sportsnet could not spin that into a positive story for their beloved Toronto customers.
  9. Toronto get good value for these 2 players but they are far from out of the woods. Capfriendly shows they have less than $7m cap space with 18 roster players and Marner still to sign. If they do manage to offload the Zaitsev contract, that would free up $4.5m, leaving $11.5m. I still can't see how they sign Marner and 5 other roster players. They have to trade 2 out Zaitsev, Kadri or Nylander, without taking back any salary. That's going to be tough.
  10. The real importamt contract is Petey's which will come in to effect in 2021. That's the year when cap space will be crucial. Another thing to bear in mind is the next US tv contract. I've heard that the new NBC contract could be a huge windfall for the league and this affects hockey related revenue and consequently the cap.
  11. It only becomes relevant if the Canucks intend to spend within $3m on the cap. If they don't intend to then disputing it is pointless. This team are not going to be cup contenders in next 2 possibly 3 years, so why sweat it. According to Capfriendly they have $15m in cap space for next year with 22 roster players on the roster. Sure they have to sign Boeser but that still leaves plenty to go after a big free agent if they want to, without coming within $3m of the league wide cap. Can they, perhaps, will they, probably not.
  12. The salary cap is only a problem if you want spend up to it. If you have 6m cap space or 10m cap space is of no consequence, if you don't want to use it. I think it unlikely that he Canucks will be anywhere close to the salary cap this year or next, so it shouldn't be a problem. 2021 is a different matter because by then they will have to pony up for Petey. However a new US TV deal might give the league a cash windfall which might boost the salary cap. The penalty is a nuisance but not a disaster. Congratulations Lu for your great career. Best Canuck goalie ever.
  13. Hence Player development not amateur scouting
  14. Doesn't cast Calgary player development in a positive light with Rychel and Lazar both 1st round picks and MacDonlad early 2nd round pick.
  15. Maybe we could have a 130 page thread on the subject