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  1. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Ryan Strome

    I'm pretty sure the only people that think that Nurse should get >$3.5m is Nurse and his agent. He has not got any kind of body of work that could justify much more than $3M. Maybe one day he could be a top 4 Dman, but he's still young and to give him that kind of money now would be crazy. I expect he will get a similar contact to your namesack Ben Hutton, 2 yr at $3m per. The Oilers should just about squeeze under the cap.
  2. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Definitely. He is a good young player and the Flames have only $12m cap space and they still need to sign Hanifin, Lindholm, Kulak and Hathaway as well. There is no way they can fit in all 5 of these players for less than $12m. Sign Hanifin or Jankowski to an offer sheet and let Calgary match it and hang themselves.
  3. [Signing] Red Wings re-sign Andreas Athanasiou

    Boy the Red Wings are going to struggle to get under the salary cap. $6m cap space left with 19 players signed and they still have to lock up Mantha and Larkin. Time for GMJB to sign one of these guys to an offer sheet and force Detroit to match.
  4. Agreed. Signin Neal has definitely made CAL a much better team. He has proven to be a top competitor with every team he has played on. The only head scratcher is the impact on their salary cap. $12m in cap space on 18 man roster and they still need to lock up Hanifin, Linholm and Jankowski, according to Capfriendly. Time for GMJB to utilize Canucks cap space
  5. Guess his nickname has to be bird-dog.
  6. By signing Beagle, Roussel, Schaller and Archibald the Canucks have got 4 physical players who are all defensively responsible, kill penalties and can eat up 3rd/4th line minutes without being a liability. Beagle led the league in SHFOW and was 3rd SHTOI for forwards last year. Love the idea of having 4th liners that can eat up PK time and leave your more skilled players for 5 on 5 and PP minutes. Just got to hope that the NMC are not too restrictive.
  7. If they land Tavares they will have no choice but to trade Marner, Matthew, Kapanen or Nylander. They all come of their ELC next summer and will all demand a significant pay rise and they will not be able to have these 4 young players plus Tavares plus Marleau on their books. So pick your poison, who do they leave out? Nylander and Kapanen are the most obvious choices. It's called the salary cap and it is a big reason why Tavares will go elsewhere. The JT to TOR talk is just click bait put out by Toronto Sports media.
  8. A minor knock is the official term for a knock than is not as serious as a major knock but more severe than a scrape. Similar to a bump, nothing like a bang.
  9. It's a moot point. Toronto will only have cap space for one season. Next year they will have to sign their best young players to their first non-elc contracts which will put them right up against the cap. Matthews, Marner, Kapanen, Carrick all RFA's, Gardiner is UFA. The idea that Tavares would sign for 1 year is ridiculous. Why sign a one year deal when he can guarantee a 7 year right now. He has earnt his payday and I'm sure his agent will make sure he gets it. The idea that Tavares would go to TOR for one year was started by Toronto media, the same Toronto media that speculates that every big name UFA will land in Toronto. Same old story, just insert a different name each year. Tavares will go to SJ, DAL or BOS. Less likely TAM, can't foresee TOR or NYI.
  10. To be fair, Lucic is a faster skater than he looks. He looks to move like a limpet but in fact he's racing along like a snail.
  11. Lucic's agent denies rumours of a Lucic trade. https://www.tsn.ca/lucic-s-agent-fires-back-at-trade-rumours-1.1126747 Fans from 30 NHL teams can breath a sigh of relief.
  12. [Proposal] Dallas-Van

    Wait to see if Dallas signs Tavares, if they do, they will almost certainly have to dump the Spezza contract which means the acquiring team can demand a greater sweetener because pressure would be on Dallas to get under the salary cap.
  13. The focus for any teams at the moment is where will John Tavares sign next year. Although he has met with NYI and TOR, I don't think either are realistic. The most intriguing destination would be Dallas. This is a team that could be most improved next year with strength throughout their lineup, even in goal, which is rare for this franchise. Dallas are definitely in win now mode especially with Seguin and Methot hitting UFA next year. Their problem though is that they are right up against the cap ceiling. Capfriendly shows they have $19.8m in cap space with 14 players on their roster. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/stars This would leave them with about 9 players to sign for an average of about $2m per player. Not an easy task. If they sign JT, they might have to sign 8 players with perhaps $7m. Yeah, not happening. So they would have to clear cap space in order to sign JT. The obvious candidate would be Jason "Giggles" Spezza would has one year left at $7.5m. A centreman who is on the downslope of his career but could replace Henrik's minutes as 1C, and for one season and plenty of cap space, would be no risk for the Canucks. Dallas would not have too many dance partners who have the ability or need to take on Spezza's contract so the Canucks could demand a significant pot sweetener. Perhaps a 2nd round pick or prospect. There would have to be a few ducks that fall in to line for this occur. The greatest might be the willingness of the owners to deal with each other given past history. Weaponize your cap space and acquire picks and prospects from competing teams who need to lose salary.
  14. Westcoasting, the point I was making was that PK's comments were made to compliment his brother but many fans read it as a serious analysis of Jordan's talent. Of course he's going to say positive stuff about his brother whether it is at the draft or a week before. Take it for what it is, just a soundbite.