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  1. It'll take about a week
  2. The Sedins have never been fast skaters even when they were in their early 20's. They do move the puck faster than the opposition can skate and this is what will keep them effective for years to come. The Eastern media look at drop in point production and assume that it is due to age, but in reality the seasons where the Sedins have not been point per game players are seasons when they have not had a decent 2 nd line. Having a top line with 2 35 year olds is not a problem if they can cycle the puck like Henrik and Daniel. I would be more concerned about diminishing pace if the Canucks had signed the 28 year old Lucic.
  3. I am excited about our D core because they are young, big, mobile and intimidating. The problem wit the current group of defencemen is that Elder is the only one that is an offensive threat. We really need more offence from the D core especially on the powerplay. Having 2 booming shots on the PP makes it much harder for the opposition to defend. The current group might well be the biggest, baddest group in the whole league.
  4. Edmonton have the 5th best goalie out of the 3 Western Canadian teams. The remarkable thing is that Calgary only have one.
  5. Canucks addressed a need by getting Juolevi. Great pick. Trading for Gudbranson was a smart move so I am reasonably pleased with GMJB work this last week (except from the stupid tampering incident). Grade B- Calgary did really well at the draft. Their challenge going in was to get a goalie that had a reasonable cap hit because they have 7 or so RFA s that is going to cost every cent of cap space that they have. Getting Elliott was the most important thing they did. They were always in line to pick up a good player at #6 and Tkachuk was their man. Grade A- Edmonton failed miserably. They need to overhaul their back end and trade away some of their Prima Donna forwards and they have an unproven goalie. They failed to do any of these things. Grade E
  6. Benning's comments were made to Sekeres and Price on the midday show on Thurs. I suggest you go to TSN1040 website and listen to the podcast.
  7. Couldn't put it better myself. Everyone has the right to be stupid but too drunk minimum is just abusing the privileged.
  8. The Canuck Organisation is a franchise which forms part of the NHL. They do have to comply with NHL rules otherwise the NHL could theoretically expel them from the league. Given that Vegas just acquired a franchise for $500 million, the Aqualini family stand to loose greater than that if expelled. Of course they would have the satisfaction of knowing that they "grew a pair". By signing up for the franchise, you agree to their rules. Beninng broke the rules, now he has to stand in the corner with the other naughty boys.
  9. He was the guy that flew across the Atlantic, his family was kidnapped so he decided to play hockey for the Redwings.
  10. There is nothing wrong with discussing free agents, but neither Subban not Stamkos are free agents. And that is the problem. He should not have said anything about any player that was contracted to another team. Simple as that.
  11. Sabrefan1 has scanned a copy of the NHL rules relating to tampering a few posts back, thanks for that. Even the most loyal Canucks fan has to accept that GMJB was tampering and he clearly breached NHL rules. He cannot publically say that he talked to them or talked about them. I'm not sure what relevance of the rest of your post has to do with this topic. You cannot punish the Leafs for coming last any more than you can punish a wart hog for being ugly.
  12. There is nothing vague about tampering. It is clear. No team is allowed to speak publically about players that are currently under contract to another team. Simple as that. GMJB broke those rules. Now he has to face the music. The league should punish GMJB for what he did, it was totally disrespectful to other teams and their players. The classy thing to do would be to make a public apology to MON and TAM, Subban and Stamkos, ahead of any NHL sanction.
  13. What about Ballard, Raymond and a 3rd Round pick? Sorry just woke up from a 5 year nap.
  14. I'm not sure why so many people think that Calgary are so stacked on the blueline. Just because Don Cherry said that they have the best blueline in the NHL does mean that they do. If anything, listen to Cherry and believe the opposite. The fact of the matter is that Calgary leaked more goals than any team last year, 260 in all. Calgary have some exciting pieces but they are a long way from being playoff regulars.
  15. Absolutely right. Reimer's negotiating position has just got a whole lot stronger and with PHI, NYI, BUF, ARI,CGY OTT and EDM all needing to improve their goaltending you have to think that TOR was smart to get in early.