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  1. You can run that exercise for every team in the NHL and come up with the examples of near misses for their top draft picks. You can also find examples where the Canucks picked a player significantly better players around him. 2011 - JANSEN draft 21. NOELSEN - 46 games 28 PHILIPS - 0 games 32 RATTIE - 35 games 2012 - GAUNCE Draft 27. SAMUELSSON 3 games 29. MATTEAU 56 games 2013 - SHINKARUK draft 29. DICKINSON - 11 games 21. GAUTHIER - 28 games 28. KLIMCHUK - 0 games Any drafts more recent than 2013 is way too early to assess the results. When expressing frustration with the Canucks drafting it must also be considered than from 2009-2012 this team was genuinely competitive and Gillis had no hesitation in trading high draft picks / prospects to build depth for deep playoff runs. In hindsight, this plan did not work and the strategy has hurt the team in the long run. But at the time it was reasonable. In truth, any GM that manages to draft 2 or more NHL players in any entry draft, would be the greatest GM of all time.
  2. Boston Bruins. Canucks take a well deserved 3 game lead. The NHL office of player safety then suspend half of the Canucks roster for standing still on the blue line while Boston players skate into them. Game 4 rolls around and the refs start punching the Sedins in the face having already pulled Brad Marchand off (interpret that last comment any way you like). Boston eventually win the next 4 games and present Stanley Cup rings to the refs, Bill Daly and Gary Bettman.
  3. There is no single, simple answer to this question. In a perfect world young players would develop in the AHL and when ready, have to compete with established players and the cream could rise to the top. There are a number a peculiarities with NHL contracts that make prospect development challenging. Here are a few examples; 1. Some players are too young to play in AHL in the year that they are drafted, but management do not want to keep them in Jnr because they perceive that it will be a year wasted. This was the situation with Jake Virtanen a few years ago. He was rushed into the NHL when in truth, the NHL was probably not the best place for him. 2. Some players have clauses in their contracts that mean that they cannot be sent from NHL down to AHL. This is normally for seasoned veterans but occasionally it affects prospects eg Tryamkin. His contract meant that early last season the Canucks could not send him down to the AHL for conditioning, so he sat in the NHL press box instead. 3 NCAA rules prohibit college players taking part in jnr tourneys and other NHL initiated programs. 4. College players typically will reach free agency a year before they would graduate. This means that NHL teams are keen to sign college players before their education is finished and this can cause friction and complications for many young players. 5. Some GMs will not trust other hockey programs with the development of their prospects. This is particularly true of teams in European leagues. I'm sure that the only reason that the Canucks are happy for prospects to play with certain teams in Sweden is because they know and trust these programs. They probably don't have so much confidence in some of the KHL teams. I think in recent years there has been a shift among NHL teams to inject players at a younger age into the NHL roster. This is because players are fitter, bigger, faster and more skilled at a younger age than they were 10-20 years ago and so are more capable of flourishing. I also believe that there is greater pressure on teams to succeed today than there was before, so GMs will risk playing a younger player and hoping that they will succeed rather than developing them and giving them a better chance of succeeding. All teams are different and all having different approaches. The best teams are not the ones that rush their prospects, nor are they the ones that over-season their prospects. The best teams are the ones that do the right things or each individual player.
  4. Something had to happen in WSH given the Kuznetzov contract.
  5. I can't see why this would be considered a dick move. WSH chose to hand out large contracts, they knew the terms of the CBA. No one is putting a gun to their head and forcing them to overpay for free agents. The other 30 NHL GMs are neglecting their jobs if they do not use all possible means to improve their chances of winning. I can't wait for the first GM to grow a pair, target RFAs and stop the collusion.
  6. Canada celebrates being 150 years old. Toronto's free agent haul matches it.
  7. The whole point behind yesterday's signings was that the team now has the option to play the kids in Utica. Without the new signings there would have been pressure to have 19, 20 21 yr olds playing in the NHL when they would have better development in the AHL / NCAA. In a perfect world I would love to see Demko, McEneny, Subban, Juolevi, Virtanen, Goldobin, Dahlen, Broeser, Palmo and Gadjovich all playing together in Utica next year. Let them develop, let them bond. In 2 or 3 years time this cohort can become the new core of Canuck players. This is not a new model. Detroit did it for years. It has a name. They call it 'The Detroit Model' dah dah daaaaaaaah (insert dramatic music here). Next years Canucks team will not be demonstrably better than last years. The benefit of yesterday's pick-ups will seen in years to come in terms prospect development.
  8. Canucks finish the season in 23rd / 24th spot. Queen Elizabeth II dies due to complications after a freak snowboarding accident. Chris Tanev gets traded. Markstrom starts season as #1 goalie but suffers a few meltdowns, Nillson gets the crease and by the end of the season is getting 2/3 of the starts. Donald Trump makes some reasonable statesmanlike policies and becomes a celebrated figure of world peace. Markus Granlund and Sven Baerschi each score 25 goals. Loui Eriksson scores 20 goals. Jayson Megna plays less than 12 games with the big club. Demko, Juolevi, McEneny, Subban, Virtanen, Goldobin, Dahlen, Palmo and Godjovich spend most of the season playing together in Utica and are one of the top AHL teams and go to the Calder Cup final. People living in the temperate rainforests of coastal BC complain about the rain. It will rain.
  9. For what its worth, VAN signed 5 players who have an average age of 26 yrs. TOR signed 5 players with an average age of 33 yrs. And the knock on VAN from TSN was that the Sedins are towards the end of their career. TOR just signed signed two 36 yr olds as free agents. No one likes us. We don't care.
  10. CAL defence has been over rated for years. Remember Don Cherry's grand declaration a couple of years ago when he claimed that CAL had the best defence in the league. That year they let in more goals than any other team. This is why knowledgeable hockey fans don't give much credence to anything that Cherry says.
  11. When you state it like that you have to view today's signings as being big moves forward. Now factor-in possible TDL value of some of these new signings and today's moves look really promising.
  12. So it's the end of June and people are sweating over the 4th line, and who the backup goalie should be in October. We must be.............Vancouver Canuck fans.
  13. If he is going to write an article about the past called it a review. If you call it a preview then talk about the future. That will involve looking at future needs and possible names of players that fit those needs. In this regard, McIntyre mentions two names, Daley and Agostino. 70 % of the piece was rehashing what has already happened by talking about Miller (still Canuck property) Tryamkin, Sbisa, Bartkowski, Eriksson, Megna etc. Simply stating what has already happened does not constitute a preview. If you believe that they don't need to do much in free agency (which is bizarre given their finishing in the standings) then that would be appropriate for a preview. However, McIntyre states: A more accurate assessment would be need for goaltending, puck-moving defencemen, offensive defencemen, more offense from forwards, better penalty killing, better powerplay. More than just a couple of areas. There are players out there that could address some of these needs, but McIntyre could suggest only 2.
  14. I read this article thinking that it was a preview because, well, it said so in the title. It must have been a typo. 70% of content was about last years UFA signings which are still on the books so they can do nothing about, and departing Canuck players who the team can also do nothing about. It was a review not a preview.
  15. I like the idea of signing Yakopov. One year for $2m or two year $1.5m. Low risk, put up the points or go back to Russia. His value will never be lower and it might the last kick of the can for him in N America. There are big areas of weakness in his game but he does have speed and a good pair of hands. The Canucks need scoring from somewhere and if could score 15 goals in a 3rd/4th line role, that would be a huge improvement on last year.