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  1. [GDT] Canucks vs Habs 4:00PM PST SNP/SN650

    Goal from a Dman
  2. [PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks

    My kids bedtime is normally 8pm. Give them each a slug or two of whiskey at puck drop and they are sound asleep by first intermission.
  3. You have $15 to spend, build your lineup

    Where's Derek Dorsett as an option??
  4. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    The Oilers best chance to make a run for the Cup will be this year. When the McDavid contract kicks after this season, they will have to sign a bunch of AHL players on NHL minimum contracts to get under the salary cap. Its this year or never. Which makes their terrible start even funnier.
  5. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    Honestly, no I don't think so. McDavid and Draisatl are much better players than Eberle, Hall or RNH. I think McJesus and Draisatl are not the problem. It's giving big contracts to Lucic, Sekera and Russell that is going to bite them hard. They have 4 Dmen earning over $4m, the Canucks only have 2 earning more than $4m. Are their Dmen really THAT much better? 14 mins for the wonderboy eh. Be interesting to see how he responds to that. By bet is that he whines and throws his teddy bear out of the crib.
  6. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    Over $60m committed to 13 players leaving them $14m to spend on the remaining 10 players. That is going to be a seriously imbalanced team.
  7. Low daft picks ending up with big numbers

    It quite refreshing to read just insightful responses. I cannot very much more to what has already been said other than that huge intangible of life, Luck. Some players just get a slight edge but way of a bit of luck and that influences the course of their entire career. I remember a story that Jason Garrison was spotted by the wife of a BCHL coach, she mentioned what she had seen to her husband who later checked him out, signed him to a BCHL contract and he ended up in the NHL. He may have gone anywhere if it had not been for bossy Mrs Bestwick !! This thread should become essential reading for people that complain that their team scouting staff suck.
  8. [GDT] Around the NHL | November (05-11) 2017

    How much is anyone prepared to bet that at the end of the game between Oilers and Red Wings, the Oilers players decide to have a "players only" meeting. Sooo predictable. Gotta love it.
  9. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I urge everyone to watch Brock Boeser's 1st goal again. Focus on Letang. Boeser makes him look like midget player and he is supposed to be an elite NHL defenceman.
  10. 1.Looking at that draft year there are a lot of first rounders that have been busts; Nurse, Nishuskin, Morin, Pulock, Lazar, Gauthier, Poirer, Shinkaruk, Dano, Klimchuk, Dickinson. The real gems were Horvat, Theodore and Wennberg and Jones. Even the top 3, Mackinnon, Barkov and Drouin have been disappointing compared to top3 players in other draft years. Getting Horvat for Schneids was definately a good trade for the Canucks. 2. It has to be remembered that the Canucks were having to lose salary at that time. Schneids had the better trade value because Louie's contact was so big. 3. This trade looks fantastic for the Canucks because goalie trade values have nosedived in the last 5 years
  11. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    The funniest thing about this picture is the look of terror on the faces of the Oilers bench. You picked on the smallest guy and now you have the humiliation of getting beaten by him.
  12. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Pedan clears...yippee.....Malcolm Subban claimed.....sucks to be a bruins fan..........double yippee
  13. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Pedan has been placed on waivers.....damn https://www.capfriendly.com/transactions/recalls-reassignments Chaput, megna cleared
  14. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Biega has to be the next to go through waivers. If he clears waivers, great, Utica have a solid dman. If he is claimed, good for him I hope he gets another chance somewhere else. For the record. If he is claimed, please remember that he is our 9th defenceman before wailing about poor asset management on CDC. Perspective please.
  15. Canucks look alikes

    Canucks may have been keeping it in the family. Is Bo really Baumer's love child?