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  1. well i hope they can at least get to the final cause one thing the last couple of calder cup winners are moving up to the nhl and contributing like norfolk/tamp and det/grand rapids so if our young guys (shink,bae,corrado,clendenning,markstrom,etc. )could do the same that would be great
  2. pretty smart getting him cheap like that. Either he keeps playing good and hes a cheap starter that helps them or he backs up andy or lehner for cheap and hes a pretty good backup/1b option as well. Win Win for them especially if the return on andy/lehner is decent
  3. thats one of tony zambonis gifs, look in the bottom right thats his signature
  4. just get rid of Bieksa at this stage of the game I say keep Hamhuis so they can pair Corrado with him he was an olympian he still is a good mentor
  5. Dont know if you guys caught this but Daniel said him and Henrik were both playing hurt. http://canucksarmy.com/2015/4/27/report-sedin-twins-decline-world-championship-invite-due-to-injury Though the Vancouver Canucks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs prior to the beginning of the tournament, star first-line forwards Daniel and Henrik Sedin won't be heading over to Europe to dominate on the international ice surface at the World Championships. "Both me and Henrik (have) declined World Championship (invites) due to injury," Daniel is quoted as telling Expressen (via google translate). "We have informed (Team Sweden's head coach) Pär Mårts." That the twins were battling through injury should come as a surprise to anyone who watched them play with the puck on a string in Vancouver's ill-fated first round series against the Calgary Flames. Sure they were taking optional skates off and Daniel appeared to be testing out his right leg on several occasions after awkward collisions or big hits, but it didn't seem to neuter their effectiveness. Surely their injuries had less of an impact on their performance and production than, say, having Jannik Hansen camp out in the high slot while they tried to execute a two-man cycle game did. Anyway the twins won't get an opportunity to reprise their gold medal winning World Championship performance from 2013 this year. Not that it matters to casual Canucks fans necessarily, but for massive hockey nerds, watching the twins run Marts' always potent power play on the big ice surface during the mid-afternoon for a week in late May is usually good fun. While the twins won't be at the Worlds and neither will Hansen (similarly for injury reasons, according to an Expressen report), Canucks centre Nick Bonino has accepted an invite to represent the Untied States of America at the tournament. Also it seems possible that Eddie Lack could suit up for the Tre Kronor. "It would definitely be a blast to play the World (Championships)," Lack told Expressen, (via google translate). "This year I have no (major injuries) either, so it would be fun... But they've probably already three good goalkeepers." Sweden already have Jhonas Enroth and Anders Nilsson set to play at the tournament, so it would seem that there could be a space for Lack if he wants it. Impressive that the sedins were dominating calgary in possesion and scoring when they were out considering they were both injured. Hats off to them they are a lot tougher than most give them credit for
  6. flames played well I dont mind that they outplayed us it happens as sucky as it is my problem is our goalie and d blowing a 3-0 lead! 3-0. 3 freaking 0. I say go the way of the flames get shink up, maybe gaunce, virt if hes ready, markstrom up for miller get clendenning corrado up as well
  7. thanks elliote for telling them how good horvat is :D
  8. or they hit cause they dont have the puck
  9. that what im wondering....marijuana???
  10. idk I think its just the way he pronounces 'h' words sounds kinda weird
  11. this crowd <3 havent heard it this loud in a while
  12. yeah totally he can go watch a tournament full of u18s that wouldnt even be on for sure...
  13. I think playing the flames was the worst opponent for them. Down the stretch they seemed to get outplayed by lesser teams. The flames are a good team but depth wise they got so much rookies and plugs that our depth should be able to handle but it seems some of our players don't want to do the little things like hitting someone or going to the net. Just disappointed because I know the canucks are better but they need to work their assses off its the playoffs
  14. a while ago...juice keeps getting danced...webers stepped up and been much better overall this year than juice
  15. i don't really see hank making much trash talk but juice needs to keep his mouth shut I've always learned if you get danced and outplayed just stfu and show them the real thing don't bs talk your just pissing off the flames