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  1. well i hope they can at least get to the final cause one thing the last couple of calder cup winners are moving up to the nhl and contributing like norfolk/tamp and det/grand rapids so if our young guys (shink,bae,corrado,clendenning,markstrom,etc. )could do the same that would be great
  2. pretty smart getting him cheap like that. Either he keeps playing good and hes a cheap starter that helps them or he backs up andy or lehner for cheap and hes a pretty good backup/1b option as well. Win Win for them especially if the return on andy/lehner is decent
  3. thats one of tony zambonis gifs, look in the bottom right thats his signature
  4. flames played well I dont mind that they outplayed us it happens as sucky as it is my problem is our goalie and d blowing a 3-0 lead! 3-0. 3 freaking 0. I say go the way of the flames get shink up, maybe gaunce, virt if hes ready, markstrom up for miller get clendenning corrado up as well
  5. The ousted blunder was bad but he made up for it with his save in the 84th. Mattocks with a beautiful finish through the goalies legs but those other shots he missed were pretty bad I feel Earnshaw should have came on earlier. Also is it me or Vancouver almost never generates anything on corners?
  6. http://nhlnumbers.com/2015/3/18/awarding-points-and-the-2015-playoff-race Found this article a couple of days ago about this. As shows doesn't really make a difference just some minor changes
  7. yeah, he loves shooting
  8. what a ripper....impressed with the quality of these two teams though...ive watched some chl games that look pretty bad but these two teams look like AHL teams
  9. Mr Boner bones bonino
  10. lack....nice pads lol
  11. Ok...sounds right everytime i come here it says "going to OT!" comets lose
  12. Damn can they win in OT? whats their record in OT?
  13. Sorry...Ive been musing over things. I pick Kasperi Kapanen on behalf of team finland
  14. Team Finland selects Max Domi