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  1. When someone gets a chance put Filip Suchy on the Pittsburgh Penguins roster. Was supposedly given a 1 year deal @ 1.485M
  2. Happy to add Halak to the team. Our #1 target. Pittsburgh still has 17.46mil in cap space for six open spots, some of which will be filled by promoted prospects.
  3. Anders Enroth @Spoderman
  4. I'll draft him now. @Blue Jay 22
  5. Take Boris out
  6. Boris Hrabarenka
  7. Karol Amyot @Tylez
  8. Vojetch Domin @Go Faulk Yourself
  9. Pittsburgh owns Nashville 3rd rounders
  10. Emil Mustaniemi if taken I'll pick later
  11. Denis Shalnov Vadim Semyonov
  12. Stepan Kana @Intoewsables
  13. Pittsburgh taking offers on Jake Muzzin and Jake Gardiner. Just want to move one of them.
  14. Pittsburgh selects Federik Kavanagh
  15. Pittsburgh selects Dwayne Pooley and Kaspers Sprukts