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  1. Poor stats for Heikkinen but winning a Stanley Cup is the ultimate prize. That trade request sure worked out...cup winner in his 2nd NHL season.
  2. Such a bad return for a former 2nd overall pick and a horrible rookie season for a once highly touted prospect. What line is he on? linemates and is the team any good
  3. i'll go to colorado
  4. is Svensson on the 4th line? decrease in points..
  5. Trade Heikkinen to the Flames. unless the Maple Leafs have a top 6/9 spot open for me.
  6. Svensson and Mortensen reunited in Columbus. The Malmö kids
  7. Any chance that Heikkinen makes the Capitals roster? Thinking about requesting a trade to a team that can provide him with the best opportunity otherwise.
  8. The Capitals haven't even signed their 2nd overall pick yet.
  9. Played the entire season with the Canucks and was half decent besides the -37.
  10. The Canucks sure look like a bottom feeder. Svensson may still have a chance to make the roster one day.
  11. Canucks depth chart?
  12. Stoked to be selected 2nd overall by the Washington Capitals. Wonder if they still have Kuzy and Holtby and of course Ovechkin as a mentor.
  13. Svensson appears to be a bust or a fringe NHLer at best.
  14. Heikkinen had a horrible year stats wise but still projected to be selected with a top 10 pick.
  15. Heikkinen has been putting up great AvRs but the real test will be his time in the OHL in Flint.