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  1. I'm a dragon. Is it weird I don't believe in these things, but at the same time like the fact that I am a dragon?
  2. You can replace it with a larger one.
  3. At this point I'd say Stecher simply due to the fact that for the most part defending hasn't been a big deficiency in his game, and that is at the NHL level. Gotta love his compete level too, the way he battles to get the puck back and move it out of his zone. The knock on Subban that you hear guys like his coach Green say is his defensive play. I've admittedly not watched Comets game so I have no first hand knowledge but right now this is the reason I would choose Stecher. We don't know yet how Subban may develop. He may have the slight edge in offense right now and if his defensive game develops, who knows how good of an asset he could be. For right now though, how could your money not be on Stecher, he;s actually bringing it in the big league. Nucks were lucky to sign him and that he wanted to come home.
  4. This is the correct choice. Hope he regains his confidence with the puck down there, he clearly needs it.
  5. Most recent favourite Memory would be winning a bronze medal in the men's national ball hockey tournament, D division, in Kelowna this summer. Probably won't ever get the opportunity to play in that level of tournament again, let alone win a medal. The score keeper lady even came out on the floor and sang the national anthem before every game! Awesome. I don't really have any memories from ice hockey growing up that standout alone as being a true favourite, I do have a 'non favourite' memory though. Being from the interior and playing house league, we played no hitting. One year my team decided to go to a hitting tournament in PoCo. This was a pretty big tournament with lots of divisions and teams, I think you had to apply and be accepted into it (one of the mom's on my team thought it would be a good idea to go to the mall and get a team picture with Santa as part of our application, a little embarrassing but it worked, we got in). We were all pretty excited about going to a hitting tournament. I think it was the first game, I picked up the puck low in our zone on the left boards, accelerated behind our net and was breaking out up the right wing. Someone on the other team stepped up and hit me and I landed directly on my tailbone. It was bruised so bad that it was hard to walk and painful to sit down for the next week or 2. Noticeably in some pain and slower than normal I toughed it out and played the rest of our games, potting 3 goals and a few assists as well. I think this was my 2nd year bantam (13-14 year olds?) so I was part of the older age group. Naturally being one of the older players I was a leader on the team and along with the captain one of the best players as well. Now, the reason why this is a non favourite memory is because this tourney had an all star game in it, the only tournament I've ever played in that had one. There were 'scouts' that watched each teams games and 2 players from each team, as chosen by the scouts, got to participate in the all star game. Anyone in the all star game got to keep the specially made all star jerseys complete with their name on the back. I felt I played well enough to be one of the 2 but I was chosen as an alternate, a runner up to the 2 who got to play from my team. I'm not a sour puss so it wasn't a big deal, I was mostly bummed about not getting one of those sweet jerseys.
  6. New EASHL Trailer. We can try this stuff out in 10 days!
  7. NHL 17 Open Beta starts July 28th. You must sign up if you want to play. VS, HUT, EASHL and Drop In will all be playable.
  8. 17 Info
  9. I'm just a fan like you. I don't 'work' for them, I don't get to decide what they add to the game. Generation jumps between consoles are tough. The game always sucks for the first few years. 07 and 08 sucked. 09, the first year with EASHL, was awesome though. I'm not a fan of 16 so I'm hoping, just like everyone else, that 17 is good. The game isn't going anywhere though. With HUT it makes more money than it ever has...
  10. I'm in gamechangers
  11. 17 has some cool stuff coming. We'll see how they execute though. They can add the coolest things ever but if the gameplay isn't fun then who cares. My biggest gripe is probably the clunky as$ skating on new gen. I'm pushing for them to add something very similar to the old vision control. We'll see... Expect a teaser trailer tomorrow