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  1. NHL 18 Thread

    It wasn't 'taken out'. It just hasn't been developed back into this generation of the game yet.
  2. Tell me about Kelowna

    What the heck is your problem mate.. There's nice places all over the world. The okanagan is one of those places.
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I can understand people being upset he left, but I don't understand the hate. He was great last year down the stretch when injuries hit. He was gaining confidence and even jumping up into the play and driving the net like biega likes to do. He was often their best defender when he got to play big minutes. I'd welcome him back in a heartbeat with no hard feelings that he left. With a bit of experience and some improved conditioning he can be a big part of this team moving forward. He has the potential to be one of their best defenders for the next 10 years. I hope he comes back.
  5. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Put him in the lineup tonight, dammit!
  6. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    He changed his twitter pic to him in a Canucks jersey a few weeks ago

    I think someone from this magazine was recently on 1040 talking about these rankings. You have to remember these rankings were formed quite a while ago a lot closer to the WJC. Events from the last month or 2 aren't a factor. Ranking prospects is a crap shoot at best. Nice to see the Canucks cupboards filling up with quality prospects, with 1-3 possible high enders to add to the list this summer as well. Now we must pray to the hockey gods that a handful of them live up to or exceed their potential.
  8. What's on tonight's menu?

    I'm sure his roast looked great but that ain't his pic boys, come on now.
  9. Holy you guys are getting ridiculous. Gotta argue about everything! Go take a walk outside
  10. Boeser is going to be the Canucks all time goal scoring leader in 10 years.
  11. Xbox One Thread

    Anyone pick up the X?
  12. confessions

    We're all rooting for you jazz. She gave you her number, snap, whatever etc. There's no need to second guess it, she's interested. Now go have some fun
  13. confessions

    Sounds like you've waited a while and didn't make a move on woman A, but wanted to. Don't overthink and put so much pressure on the situation, just go for it. Opportunities will come and go, as someone else said you won't regret the times you tried but will regret the times you didn't try. That opportunity may not be as good as it once was but it probably isn't completely over yet. Switch targets for a bit. Instead of just being the guy that woman B sits beside in geography, ask her to hangout/go to an event. People often wonder if their crush feels the same way, and as long as it isn't a long distance crush ie a girl you see at the gym but never talk to, they'd be surprised how well things would go if they made a move.
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    It may take a number of years yet before he puts the whole package together, but Jake can and will bring both in his prime, you can bank on that.
  15. NHL 18 Thread

    Stride dekes are still in, they moved them to a modifier so people wouldn't accidentally do them. Hold LB/L1 and I think LS right or left. THey are slightly more subtle now though, not as much lateral movement to them.