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  1. Didn't you say you've made 20k on it? Take your profits and run! Don't get caught trying to be greedy
  2. Is there any news? What makes you think this?
  3. For sure. Just looks like it wants to have a big day tomorrow
  4. huge dip. bought and sold a couple times this morning. completely out right now. what's with the big dip? wonder what it'll do
  5. Anyone's thoughts on NTE?
  6. I didn't pull the trigger on it... Happy for you guys!
  7. Ya. Wish I had more money into it. Done nothing but go up and will continue to do so as life gets back to normal and the big sports leagues start up again. This is a long term hold.
  8. What are your thoughts on Remarks earnings call tomorrow? Expected boost or drop?
  9. This is true, however there is some vague wording around if you are conducting a 'business' in your TFSA (making too many trades/making too many gains) that you could liable for tax owing on income earned in that account... I'm curious if someone making say 10-20 trades per month on a very modest scale (trading $1000's not tens of thousands) would be an issue or not.
  10. Anyone trade with their TFSA? I'm curious how much trading you can do in it before people come knocking, or if small time traders even register on their radar...
  11. Anybody have any thoughts on SHRM? Seems like it could have similar potential to early pot stocks. Psychedelic meds are becoming more and more mainstream.