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  1. Sounds like you've waited a while and didn't make a move on woman A, but wanted to. Don't overthink and put so much pressure on the situation, just go for it. Opportunities will come and go, as someone else said you won't regret the times you tried but will regret the times you didn't try. That opportunity may not be as good as it once was but it probably isn't completely over yet. Switch targets for a bit. Instead of just being the guy that woman B sits beside in geography, ask her to hangout/go to an event. People often wonder if their crush feels the same way, and as long as it isn't a long distance crush ie a girl you see at the gym but never talk to, they'd be surprised how well things would go if they made a move.
  2. It may take a number of years yet before he puts the whole package together, but Jake can and will bring both in his prime, you can bank on that.
  3. Stride dekes are still in, they moved them to a modifier so people wouldn't accidentally do them. Hold LB/L1 and I think LS right or left. THey are slightly more subtle now though, not as much lateral movement to them.
  4. I don't enjoy looking at people who walk with their feet angled outwards.
  5. Nilsson looks frackin HUGE in the interviews. Made markstrom look like a child sitting next to him.
  6. 18 is available now through EA Acess.
  7. I can tell you this is pretty much not true and you aren't going to see frostbite for 19.
  8. Not to disappoint you, but don't expect a new engine for 19.
  9. Are you on xbox?
  11. No it isn't. It's not out at midnight
  12. Tomorrow morning?