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  1. Play station 4 or Xbox one

    I bought a PS4, never regretted it since. Here are some Pros & Cons I found for it. PS4: Pros Best game controller Sony has ever made. A built in speaker, light sensor and center touch pad differentiate it the most from the Xbox One Controller. Charging controller in standby via USB only takes a few hours. Install times for games are extremely fast (were talking a few minutes or less) until you can start playing the game while the rest of the game installs in the background. Majority of 3rd party games are running at 60FPS and native 1080P. Console runs extremely quiet. It doesn't add any noise floor to the room. Internal power supply. Smaller than the Xbox One Blu-ray load times and picture quality are excellent. Theoretically more powerful and it's showing early in the life cycle. PS4: Cons The rubber of the dual joysticks are very cheap. The joysticks wearing out is a concern. Battery life is poor IMO 8-10 hours. I feel like I am constantly recharging batteries. (Although you can dim your light bar and play while charging)
  2. NHL 15 Thread
  3. New image, new identity... New jerseys?

    I always thought that this would make a good jersey.
  4. Flappy Bird

    High score is 36, I see people with high scores of like 250 so I just gave up.
  5. Comets game is on firstrownow, go watch.
  6. I have a DATE :)

    Dude, you're Heisenberg!
  7. Thanks for the add! :)

  8. 2012-2013 season predictions:eastern conference

    "Guarantee" a riot. Lmao I like this.
  9. You will not be sold to China, Brazil, Nova Scotia, or any other country… - Marty Huggins

    1. susraiders


      I just came home from that movie. One of the funniest movies of the year.

  10. That was cheese.