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  1. Like I said. That picture isn’t what we seen. Almost 10sec intervals when they flew directly over my head.
  2. Unfortunately that is the video. I looked up the star link. The internet photos I’ve seen of the star link didn’t look like what we witnessed. I thought same thing at first but my brother agreed that isn’t what we witnessed.
  3. Here is what I tried to film. Too much light pollution and the objects were too far. That’s when I knew I had to call someone. Maybe someone with tech skills can play around with it. Feel free! I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed this? I’m sure I’m not the only person in BC that was star gazing last night? I’m not trying to say it’s aliens. It was odd that’s all. Just looking for answers. IMG_1210.MOV
  4. Hello, I'm currently in west Kelowna. Last night (March 17,2020) at 8:36pm to 8:40pm.( Pacific time) I was outside admiring the clear sky’s and star gazing. I happened to notice 100’s of unidentified objects all in the same flight pattern, spaced 1km or 2 apart, all flying in same direction. All in sequence in straight line! At first I thought maybe I’m loosing my mind, as I was witnessing this weird occurrence. (I’m not easily fooled and I question everything) so after about 2 minutes of being in shock, I then realize I need another witness to collaborate what I’m seeing. (Or I’m I just going crazy??) I call my brother who’s in Quesnel, BC. I ask him to go outside and to see if it’s clear sky’s. And if so, look south to my location. As these objects are flying directly over my head. At this point he’s starting to question my requests as he heads outside. He thinks I’m fooling around with him and he makes a couple smart a$$ remarks. At this point I’m describing what I see and in still very much in. shock. As I’ve never witnessed anything of this sorts. He then shouts “wtf is that” he then calls out for his wife to witness this too. The both caught maybe 20-22 of UFO’s* at the tail end of this phenomenon. Now I’m asking if anyone else had witnessed this last night? Or maybe they can help explain what this might of been? Keep your eye on the sky!
  5. Looks to me that Buffalo needs quality depth players. Sven, Sutter and Tanev would make them better. Might have to retain some salary though on Tanev and Sutter.
  6. - Sutter and Sven would give Buffalo defensive responsible forwards. No? Hutton and prospect is the sweetener? Too much not enough?
  7. Risto for Hutton (RFA rights) Bärtschi Sutter (1mill retained) rathbone