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  1. He still has time to grow and got the skill and character to make up for the lack of size. If not he can always be a good 2C etc.
  2. Prefer taking a chance on Konecny if he is available. This could solidify our future C positions. 1-Konecny 2-Horvat or McCann 3-Horvat or McCann 4-Cassels
  3. most electrifying player for the Canucks since Bure
  4. Something about Demko just screams future franchise #1 goalie
  5. agree but way better skater than Chara which is a +
  6. Man can this guy skate, never seen a big guy skate this well. From the look of things he seems to have very good hockey sense. Great pick by Benning, I smell the next Chara.
  7. Rather have Fox, he can play wing aswell. People are underestimating him, he can score.
  8. We don't want another Kesler, he was overrated and glad he is gone. 1 good season and 1 good playoff
  9. What's with all these Kesler comparisons, he doesn't play like Kesler. Plus Kesler is way bigger than him, McCann has better hockey sense and higher offensive ceiling and can actually use his teammates.
  10. also on a so so team
  11. I haven't been impressed by Eriksson, I think Demko could be better than Lack and Eriksson
  12. Nylander McCann Demko Tryamkin
  13. Here you go boys, Tryamkin #8 - 1st video, the scorer (two goals) around 5:25 mark and 8:10. He seems to be able to get quick shots through from the point and a good skater. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8KMeO7KXRM -2nd video, around 4:05. Decent defensive play which leads to a goal for his teammate. -3rd video against Canada watch it all, he seems to have a good work ethic trying to block shots, clearing the crease. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJjfAJ2IdU0 I could actually see him having a chance at making the NHL and could understand why Benning wanted him, he seems by no means a pylon. Perhaps a better skating Chara in the future.
  14. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/107171/2014-u18-video-gustav-forsling-sweden/#more-107171 interview