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  1. Seriously Jacob, these goals against have been absolute garbage tonight. Can we call up Phil from Surrey?
  2. this game has been horrible viewing for the most part. Really hope the boys can get something out of this game. Edit: nevermind. Just turn the puck over to Bobby again
  3. I don't like this deal for the simple fact that we are selling futures for a rental, in a time where we aren't really in the position to do so. If Tyler buys us a second round appearance and then doesn't resign, is that a good deal? Perhaps. If I were Tyler I would be going to free agency this year, unsure what reason he would have to resign with us, it seems unlikely but I definitely hope it happens.
  4. From what I saw of the game and read throughout the league, this suspension is unwarranted and mostly a joke.
  5. That second penalty call on Benn was brutal, barely looked like a penalty. Where is our makeup call? Oh well onto the second, let's go boys!
  6. Like it or not, we are making the playoffs this year! Go canucks
  7. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Yeah pretty much, if his role is top 9 then I would probably put him on the 2nd/3rd line. However if that is not possible, you can bury him in the minors playing top line minutes and for the most part he won't drop until probably half way through the season or later. Perhaps this has changed with NHL20 but this is how it generally works for other simulations.
  8. I'm very happy that the boys cleared waivers, I did not want to lose any of them. It will be very interesting to see what Goldy does down there, if he lets the demotion get the better of him or works his ass off to get back in the league. I have no doubt we will see Sven again. Not long now boys
  9. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Knowing EA's simulation engine, the only way they would lose growth was if they were not playing their 'role'. Can always demote the NHL player to the third line if you don't care for their retention. Also, looks like its time to start a Canucks GM mode finally, with our roster being set and pending RFA's signed. The goal is 2021/22 Stanley Cup!
  10. People need to remove themselves from Vancouver media, I've come up with better material on the toilet.
  11. Very comparable player and contract to McAvoy, I think his contract was a steal and this one is the same!
  12. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Enjoyed this review for the most part-
  13. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Looks like initial reviews are mostly in the 7.5/10-8.5/10 range, as seen on metacritic and opencritic, links below: https://opencritic.com/game/8248/nhl-20/charts https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/nhl-20 IGN also has a video on their website, will post youtube link when uploaded- https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/09/13/nhl-20-review?watch Seems that most of the criticism is the same as last year, they improved the core gameplay mechanics considerably but then neglected a lot of the popular game modes. For the most part consensus is that the game is worth picking up.
  14. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    I haven't seen a lot of franchise modes that have been simmed past 2-3 years, so hard to tell. I would assume knowing EA they haven't changed it, they continue to add gimicky features to the gameplay. While they do work well and add to meaningful gameplay, I don't recall them addressing any of the core franchise gameplay mechanics that have been missing since previous gen.