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  1. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Depends on what your definition of big is. Thick.
  2. Oh how I would like even some above mediocre defensemen on our powerplay, aka Muzzin and Martinez.
  3. This powerplay actually looks like something. Bring on the regular season!
  4. Ben really needs to practice his passing on the PP, missed the one timer placement every time.
  5. Good to finally notice Jake this period. Excellent shift.
  6. All it takes is extreme creativity on the powerplay for a goal! Wooo!
  7. This is the kind of game that Jake needs to stand up in, haven't noticed him yet. Lets go JV!
  8. Green isn't going to play guys 3 nights in a row, if he wants another look I am sure it can wait until Saturday.
  9. I know Leipsic had an amazing third, but from what I saw/heard in the first two periods he was playing a fairly perimeter and lackluster game. Not enough for me to pencil him into the lineup.
  10. Well tomorrows lines will be interesting, assuming they don't change their mind and make cuts tonight.
  11. I would really like Leipsic to do something with the puck that doesn't involve cycling or giveaways.
  12. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    does anyone know which preseason games will be aired/streamed?