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  1. People need to remove themselves from Vancouver media, I've come up with better material on the toilet.
  2. Very comparable player and contract to McAvoy, I think his contract was a steal and this one is the same!
  3. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Enjoyed this review for the most part-
  4. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Looks like initial reviews are mostly in the 7.5/10-8.5/10 range, as seen on metacritic and opencritic, links below: https://opencritic.com/game/8248/nhl-20/charts https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/nhl-20 IGN also has a video on their website, will post youtube link when uploaded- https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/09/13/nhl-20-review?watch Seems that most of the criticism is the same as last year, they improved the core gameplay mechanics considerably but then neglected a lot of the popular game modes. For the most part consensus is that the game is worth picking up.
  5. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    I haven't seen a lot of franchise modes that have been simmed past 2-3 years, so hard to tell. I would assume knowing EA they haven't changed it, they continue to add gimicky features to the gameplay. While they do work well and add to meaningful gameplay, I don't recall them addressing any of the core franchise gameplay mechanics that have been missing since previous gen.
  6. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    initial feedback from people with early access suggests that while the gameplay looks exactly the same for the most part, it actually plays and feels a lot better than previous years. Seems like some good changes to franchise but for the most part other modes appear to be mostly unchanged.
  7. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Lots of these franchise mode changes sound quite good, hopefully they tweak the scouting of last year to make it more like scouting on the previous gen.
  8. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    Nothing here is of interest to me outside of the goalie redirection/threat detection. Looks a lot better. Couldn't care less about authentic looking skating and signature shots.
  9. ftmN

    NHL 20 Thread

    I really wish EA would spend more development time bringing NHL back to the gameplay level of the previous generation and spent less time on the pointless game modes and aesthetics that they use for marketing purposes. Every year its the same, enough already EA!
  10. Burns is playing like garbage, don't see that too often.
  11. Seems like a show me contract for Utica, highly doubt he will get a look with the canucks but you never know. Welcome Brogan!
  12. I actually think this is a possibility in the off season, good one though!
  13. ftmN

    NHL 19 Thread

    Hughes added to NHL roster, 80 overall, Medium Elite, Top 6 Defender: Other changes: Marky now 85, Teves 73- ahl top 2D high.