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  1. Anyone have a video of the hit on Jake?
  2. MDZ gets the GWG, calling it!
  3. ftmN

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    TG update from today: Sutter had MRI- no timeline, Demko still about a week away, no update on Edler or Sven.
  4. We won the trade boys!
  5. ftmN

    [RUMOUR] TANEV to toronto

    Confusing circumstances surrounding this thread still being open.
  6. ftmN

    [GDT] Vancouver Canucks Vs Dallas Stars Dec 1

    Pretty sure every one of our shots since the start of the second have been perimeter shots without traffic. Need some quality here on the pp
  7. ftmN

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    If you didn't feed the trolls they wouldn't continue to post here.
  8. ftmN

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    OP updated, sorry I've been away sick for the last few days.
  9. ftmN

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    I don't know if it's just me but the team seems to be a lot more hesitant to give out accurate/meaningful injury updates this season.
  10. ftmN

    [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    The start of this match is what my nightmares are made of. Please make it stop!
  11. ftmN

    Happy Birthday Elias Pettersson!

    Happy birthday Elias from Aus!
  12. I'm done with Schaller and Jake as Bo's linemates, time to change it up.
  13. ftmN

    {GDT} Canucks VS Avalanche (Injury bug version)

    If you were to look up perfect penalty shot example on google, I'm sure that play will come up tomorrow.
  14. ftmN

    {GDT} Canucks VS Avalanche (Injury bug version)