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  1. NFL thread

    Do you guys think it's worth keeping Brady? Don't have a ton of other options, Walker/Kelce/Decker/Gio are my other options, hell maybe even Gostkowski.
  2. NFL thread

    Bell was driving the car, DUI (for drugs, not alcohol) is 2-4 games.
  3. NFL thread

    For the keeper league: with the current keeper format, do you have to use all three keepers? cause my first three rounds were pretty bad I'd rather not keep any of those players and just pick new ones this year.
  4. NFL thread

    Am i crazy for playing 3 Jags and 2 Titans this week? I mean it is a consolation game
  5. NFL thread

    Only need Davante Adams to get 130 yards and a TD to keep my season alive #hope
  6. NFL thread

    Shout out to the Giants defense for keeping me in my game when I played Brees Washington Gio and Walker
  7. NFL thread

    Probably Allen and Royal, though I wouldn't be too surprised if Floyd gets at least one big gain tonight
  8. NFL thread

    That 1st down should seal it. Good game boys, see you in Arizona now if only my fantasy team would show up...
  9. NFL thread

    Thanks for clarifying. 100% agree that Adams should've been called there.
  10. NFL thread

    what exactly does an illegal contact penalty mean? not sure what Williams did wrong there
  11. NFL thread

    I like you two On another note, I'm feeling pretty bad now that I played Shorts (0 points) and DJax (3) over Woods (17) and Walker (15). Brees still could save my week!
  12. NFL thread

    Sat Brady and Walker today
  13. NFL thread

    Julius Peppers with his second pick-six of the year
  14. NFL thread

    So this is fun. Almost makes up for how my fantasy team played
  15. NFL thread

    My roster this week makes me want to puke