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  1. proposal dallas tradea

    For a bad title
  2. I hope people will realize soon that kesler, and the sedins are the only people with trade value on our. forwards. unless edler and bieksa(keeping BC boys) get traded for forwards we have no scoring depth

    1. Cucumber

      3 2nd liners

      7 3rd liners

    2. King Heffy

      Anyone know what we got back for Cucumber yet? I'm hoping for a nice, juicy pickle.

    3. TheRussianRocket.

      His name is finally grey people. Thank The Lord.

  3. Golingoski Oleksiak Richtie For Strome Okpose Dallas future
  4. cucumber's biography

    How I meant my wife The assistant coach invented me to go to church with him on Sunday. I had nothing g else to do so I said yes. I saw when I walked in the church a very beautiful girl. I asked who that was to my coach. He said that he doesn't know and that she probably a visited like myself. We both got saved after the service, and the pastor invented a brunch of people to a restaurant. I started talking to that girl, her named was rose. We had a lot in common, and hanged out with each other for a few weeks. Till she secretly left Manchester to go to a university in London England. She came back 2years later seeking to see me again, we met at the same church we met at.we hanged out everyday for a week until one Sunday I proposes to her unfortunately she said no. So later that afternoon I took my sister to a coffee shop in town. I saw rose kissing another man, I was full of anger went over they and started a coffee shop war! Police came arrested me, sentence me to 1momth jail with a perimate record, or join the navy. I choose navy because I got fired, and I didn't want a bad record. Anyway they sent me to Newfoundland,I had 2months to get ready. I was thinking I know nothing or anybody in newfoundland. I saw rose she and me made up, 2weeks later I proposed and she said yes!!! We got married the following month. She got a job transfer to be in Newfoundland as. well. We have been married for 44years this may. We still love eachother, and enjoy spending time together. In real life and on CDC, we share our acvount . we fell I love with the canucks when we visited Vancouver in2010 from January to march. We still stay up late to watch some games
  5. Strome Reinheart Okpose For Benn's Then Golingoski For Perron or hall Thoughts
  6. [Game] Sign one, Trade one, Waive one

    Sigh MacKinnon Trade taveras Waive mcdavid cause he could be over hyped Mike Richards kesler getlzaf
  7. [Rumour] Bruins interested in Andrej Meszaros

    Cap dump and since weak:draft +n cap dump = 1st So Kelly 2nd or heard For Bolland Then Thornton 1st For Mezaros
  8. cucumber's biography

    Thanks guys for the support I will add some stuff tonight
  9. cucumber's biography

    More like C- to a b
  10. cucumber's biography

    Yes it is
  11. cucumber's biography

    Feedback please
  12. Won't happen but value wise I nailed
  13. cucumber's biography

    South African English rich decent But I feel more newfie then anything
  14. cucumber's biography

    Jesus is far from died, he is living in millions of people hearts + in heaven
  15. cucumber's biography

    My mom died a while ago but she was dieing and wanted it I think 12years ago nor sure