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  1. I hope people will realize soon that kesler, and the sedins are the only people with trade value on our. forwards. unless edler and bieksa(keeping BC boys) get traded for forwards we have no scoring depth

    1. Cucumber


      3 2nd liners

      7 3rd liners

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Anyone know what we got back for Cucumber yet? I'm hoping for a nice, juicy pickle.

    3. TheRussianRocket.


      His name is finally grey people. Thank The Lord.

  2. [GDT] STL - 02/26/14 - 7:30PM

    Burrows will score... In the SO tho Hope tho it is in regulation
  3. my bio is up for cdc enjoyment check it out

  4. should I write a bio of my life on CDC?

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    2. drummer4now


      I can't wait till your name is greyed out Cucumber, and when we click it says page not available.

    3. drummer4now


      Will be another pinnacle day in CDC history..

    4. Cucumber
  5. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    Hockey db said undrafted don't know if it reliable though
  6. [GDT] STL - 02/26/14 - 7:30PM

    1-0 nucks D sedin Is kes playing?
  7. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    very stupid indeed thanks for having me guys best of luck to the mafia and TP. cheering for the mafia on this one guys, I like mafias lol
  8. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    so I die? what happens do I have to wait till next round or what?
  9. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    i am a little late I see well forget my post then lol
  10. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    that is what I found since the last update your welcome
  11. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    ok so sorry didn't know Vote1 kryten
  12. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    unvote1 caboose vote1 kryten going with the flow on this one but I feel we might be right
  13. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    one last question the people voting, is it the majority wins kind of thing where say the #1 voted mafia say it's me. the people who voted for me are safe and I can kill whoever else didn't vote. if one tp votes for the lynch what happens and what happens if 10 people vote for the same lynch? does he get killed, nothing happens or what?
  14. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    peanuts and cucumber I heard was good. anybody have experience.
  15. Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started

    what's a kumar