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  1. NHL Draft Lottery, Tues. April 15

    Me too. The kid is going to be a superstar
  2. Kassian making a case for himself

    I would love to see a Horvat - Kesler - Kassian line in a few years
  3. Overrated: Phaneuf Underrated: James Neal
  4. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Get an Xbox
  5. Official NHL 14 Thread

    So far I am loving 14 (well them demo at least lol). They addressed pretty much all of the gameplay complaints that I had about 13. For those complaining about too much fighting, I have no doubt that there will be a fighting frequency slider (so you can adjust how often random fights happen) and they definitely would up the amount of fights for the demo so that people get to try it. So don't worry too much about all the fighting
  6. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Go back to kindergarten!
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Also way back (I dont remember what year exactly) the had broken glass and helmets that would fall off when hit. Then they got rid of it for a couple years and brought it back as a new feature!
  8. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Can't wait!!!
  9. Name That Goalie!

    oh man that's tough. I know that the chick is Manon Rheaume, and i wanna say the dude in the middle in Clint Malarchuk. But I have no idea who the guy on the left is
  10. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

  11. Cole Cassels Talk

    Seems like he could turn out to be a great 3rd line guy
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 3!

    Wow is it your time of the month or something? Chill out man
  13. Star Wars Battlefront 3!

    I played Battlefront 2 probably the most that I've ever played any game. It was a big part of my childhood so I'm really excited for this game! E3 trailer: Not much to see from the trailer so I really want some gameplay
  14. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Map blueprints have been pieced together by fans. Looks pretty nice. I could see the actual version having multiple big islands though http://www.gameranx....ugh-blueprints/