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  1. NHL Draft Lottery, Tues. April 15

    Me too. The kid is going to be a superstar
  2. [Trade] Penguins, Blue Jackets (minor)

    I'm working on it man give me a minute lol
  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins have traded forward Paul Thompson to the Columbus for forward Spencer Machacek. Thompson, 25, has played the past four seasons for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the American Hockey League. He has four goals and seven points in 39 games this season. He scored 20 goals in 58 games last season. Machacek, 25, has nine goals and 19 points this season for the Springfield Falcons. He's played in 25 NHL games with the Atlanta Thrashers and Winnipeg Jets scoring two goals and nine points.
  4. POLL: who will replace Stamkos on team Canada?

    I went with an unpopular pick on this one and said James Neal. I think he is a much better fit for replacing Stammer because he plays a lot like him. As much as St. Louis deserves it I think Neal will be more effective
  5. Can we please ban this guy already?
  6. Mods close

    Are you serious?
  7. Don't change a thing!

    ^ The name says it all
  8. They would be stupid to not wait and see if they can snag Ekblad.
  9. Was MacT in town today?

    Is this a trade,rumor, or signing?
  10. [Report] Henrik's Ironman Streak Over

    Hanzal is listed as day-to-day now too lol Karma!
  11. Would never happen. Also wrong section
  12. gillies or torts

    If you are going to try to make a serious thread try spelling names right...
  13. Kassian making a case for himself

    I would love to see a Horvat - Kesler - Kassian line in a few years

  15. US Olympic Roster

    No Yandle?!