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  1. The only Canuck who had more than one good game in the entire 2011 finals was Luongo and we're still debating his worth. Awesome....
  2. That's too bad. The Flyers need to enable "God mode" and avoid desperation mode. The Hockeyyinsiderr crowd needs to understand a simple point about this kid. Anyone can do what he's doing, anyone. This isn't someone who works for a hockey team or has access to general managers and the like for information. If they allow that source, they would have to allow all Twitter accounts. I am not an Eklund fan either, would prefer he was seen as invalid, but the forum would be cluttered with endless and baseless rumors constantly if the rules were changed now. All you need to do to become one of these "insiders" is look over depth charts, news websites and figure out likely destinations for players based on what each team needs and which players likely want out. That doesn't mean there is anything valid about their work to be seen as a legitimate source.
  3. They may struggle for wins, but he must be considering the power play opportunities he will have passing to Nugent-Hopkins, Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and Hemsky. I could see the Oilers finishing ahead of Minny and Calgary in the Northwest this coming year, especially if they land one more top 4 defenceman. This would be dependent on Schultz not being a bust of course. Personally, I am glad MG doesn't promise top 4 minutes to a rookie defenceman. If Connauton were to make the team this coming year, he could be that shot from the point the Canucks need anyway. He has that potential. I am not mad about this because the Canucks never drafted him and the Oilers had the inside track the whole way along.