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  1. I've been making that comparison since before he was drafted. A lot of people here don't take it very well though.
  2. Man, the old Coyote jerseys were awesome.
  3. Family and close friends I hope I would be able to. I like to think I would. For someone who I don't know, I can honestly say I probably wouldn't. But who knows, should the situation ever arise I might surprise myself one way or the other.
  4. Why not put effort into actually combating cultural oppressiveness and sexism, rather than telling people what swim suits they can and can't wear? Just an attempt to fix the optics of a problem without doing anything to fix the underlying issue.
  5. I would have reservations about trading Tanev for RNH straight up. So that's about all you need to know about what I think of this trade.
  6. Both are legends and without a doubt the greatest athletes each sport has ever seen. However as a former competitive swimmer, I gotta go with Phelps. It's easier to respect the talent of someone that dominant when you've competed in the sport.
  7. As much as I enjoyed watching these Olympics, I can't imagine the frustration of being a Brazilian person and seeing all of that time and money getting poured into it when there are much more important things that need to be dealt with.
  8. That would be a fair argument... if the men and women working on fishing boats and oil rigs (and other workplaces of the same ilk) were actually doing it for the betterment of society, and not for the large sums of money they make doing such work. Alas, knowing people in both industries... that is not the case for most. I respect people with the cajones to go out there and do that kind of work. But let's not kid ourselves and say that they aren't out there doing it for the money. People are willing to do dangerous things for money. That doesn't make them stupid.
  9. By that logic, I guess when drivers in F1 die it's Darwinism too? How about when someone dies playing football? Those are extremely dangerous sports meant for nothing other than entertainment. Exactly. I wonder if people think that anyone who dies while working a dangerous job can just be relegated to Darwinism. Deep-sea fishermen, oil riggers, horribly dangerous jobs. Deaths are bound to happen. Are the workers who die in those occupations stupid too?
  10. I wouldn't go that far. There is a difference between thrill seeking through extreme sports (while being able to make a living off of it) and stupidity.
  11. Nash is on the decline with a disgusting cap hit. I'll pass.
  12. Lol right? Tried it out of sheer curiosity, was really surprised it wasn't disgusting. Sometimes doing that works out well, sometimes it doesn't. Example: Siracha beer. Couldn't dump the bottle quick enough.
  13. Went and did some tasters at the Breweries in Port Moody last night. Man some of the stuff at Yellow Dog tastes like somebody vomited it up before I drank it. Parkside Milk Stout and Altbier were freaking amazing though.
  14. Whole thing is entirely blown out of proportion. Who cares.