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  1. 2nd NHL Seasons (see if you can spot the difference): Tyler Seguin - 81 games, 67 points Owen Nolan - 73 games, 75 points Joe Thornton - 81 games, 41 points Milan Lucic - 72 games, 42 points Jake Virtanen - 10 games, 1 point (29 games, 9 point AHL) All of your "comparisons" took a huge leap forward in their 2nd season in the league. Not to mention that Seguin, Nolan, and Thornton were all 18 years old their first season. The issue isn't with Jake not producing per se. The issue is with Jake not progressing. His rookie season wasn't amazing, but not terrible all things considered. However he has shown little development, and from what we saw in his time with the big club it is arguable that he regressed. That is a problem worth discussing.
  2. So kind of like what we are doing with Reid Boucher right now eh?
  3. I hold a special kind of contempt for that song.
  4. Christ. Detroit's scouting back in the day was truly 2nd to none.
  5. When you're a fan of a team with Vontaze Burfict you can't really call other teams out for being dirty. He's the dirtiest player in the league by a country mile.
  6. Trade makes zero sense for either team.
  7. I've taken Uber 5 times in various locations around the world and not a single time has it been a simple process. Either the driver has literally drove past me and not picked me up, never even showed up, had no clue where they were going, or tried to overcharge me. Every time has been a massive hassle.
  8. My predictions for last weeks games were pretty decent actually lol. Didn't count on Pittsburgh getting 6 field goals though.
  9. 34-31 GB: Another shootout, another game winning drive led by Aaron Rodgers. I'm rooting for Atlanta to win it all this year, but as good as there up and coming rookie stars on D are, Rodgers will find a way to exploit them when it matters most. Just like Prescott last week, Ryan loses despite playing phenomenally. 27-16 NE: Big Ben' road woes continue as he is unable to really carry the team back as they trail most of the game. I still think he is banged up as well. Another strong performance by Bell is the only way Pittsburgh gets any sort of momentum. Brady has a game manager type performance effective and makes no mistakes, but doesn't put up very gaudy numbers. Blount provides most of the scoring for the Pats this week. However, like last week I am hoping for the upset.
  10. Knowing how politics have been going recently, he's going to be the next Prime Minister.
  11. Uber sucks.
  12. Which 18/19 year olds currently playing in the NHL do you think would be in the AHL if the rule was different?
  13. The rules are fine the way they are. The list of 18 and 19 year old players who are actually too good for the CHL (to the point it hinders their development) and are not good enough to play in the NHL is very slim. Currently, only Dylan Strome really fits that criteria, and that is arguable.
  14. I totally agree. It's a guilty pleasure. It's funny, literally every Seahawks fan that I personally know is a huge tool. Both in how they watch football and just generally in their everyday lives. Interesting stuff for sure.