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  1. Yeah I generally follow a IIFYM diet for the flexibility and the fact that it's worked wonders for me so far, but I've always liked trying other methods of dieting just in case I found any that suited me better. IF is just one that I haven't been able to wrap my head around. Was I missing something? Or is everyone doing it suffering as much as I did? Huge hats off if they are.
  2. @CaNuCkSLoUiE23 @RRypien37 When you guys are doing IF, what do you guys do to like, you know... survive? I've tried doing it a couple times but just feel so drained and useless. If I tried fasting on a day I had to work I truly don't think I would be able to do my job.
  3. Massive bust. If he was a 5th round pick and not a 1st overall pick nobody would even entertain the idea of acquiring him. He's terrible and doesn't even belong in the NHL anymore IMO.
  4. For me personally I generally try to keep my caloric intake around 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs. Has worked well for when I was trying to lose weight and for when I have been trying to add, so I just try to stick around those percentages all the time. Hitting 30% for protein isn't always easy, and on a week by week basis I'm usually hovering around 28%. Also while I don't know how your body metabolizes or how much you are exercising, I feel like you will need to consume more than 2500 or 3000 calories a day to bulk when you are already sitting at 235. I was consuming around 2700 calories a day while I was cutting down to 180 a few weeks ago, and I ultimately achieved that goal. The past 3 weeks I've been at around 3000 a day and am sitting steadily in the 177-180 range (daily variances). Of course, I'm far from an expert. That is just what I have found to have worked for me so far.
  5. I... I don't get it.
  6. I shouldn't laugh at other peoples misfortune but this is hilarious. Horrible overpriced event that signifies everything wrong with the music festival scene in Vancouver. Disclaimer: I know Pemberton isn't Vancouver, but that's where practically everyone going to it is from.
  7. Or football. Or baseball.
  8. Why do people care if a Canadian team wins? To bring the Cup back north? No matter what team wins like 50% or more of the players that win are Canadian. The Cup is up north more often than not regardless what team wins.
  9. This is really cool. Good work OP. 1. Vilardi 2. Mittlestadt 3. Glass But honestly I'm pretty happy with any of those 3. Please god no Tippett or Rasmussen.
  10. No it isn't.
  11. I'd say he's arguably in the bottom 5. Sakic, Sweeney, Dorion, Snow, Murray and Benning, are all (or in the case of Murray was) in the bottom tier of NHL GMs.
  12. He should be a very effective player in the NHL. This was a great move by Vegas.
  13. Honestly while 17 is without a doubt a better game, I'm not sure the improvements warrant the price. I'm not regretting buying 17, but I probably would have been just as happy if I had stuck with 16.
  14. Anyone else voted yet?
  15. I wouldn't be devastated if we drafted a D at #5, but I wouldn't be happy. I want us to draft the BPA. In my opinion there is no D in the top 5 this year, and after the top 5 (Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Glass, Mittlestadt) there is a noticeable drop off in talent. If we did go D however , this is the order I would want them in. 1. Makar 2. Heiskanen 3. Valimaki 4. Liljegren