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  1. David Honzik.

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Still developing. I see a lot of Peka Rinne in him

  2. Wow the Pemberton lineup is trash.  Not good for any genre of music.

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    2. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      Nathaniel Ratleliff & the Night Sweats would be fun to see but other than than, nah. I don't smoke the devil's lettuce so the rest of it would be a bore for me. 

    3. debluvscanucks


      Didn't PJ play there last year?  I was pissed...I go see them every time they're here but didn't want to do the Pemberton thing.  Didn't hear much about it.

    4. b3.


      @debluvscanucks yes they were, they must have played for four hours. Was the final concert of the festival.

  3. We should have let him. It was a foolish and short-sighted signing from day 1, his terrible season this year has further exacerbated that.
  4. Those tweets are much ado about nothing. I despise the Maple Leafs. If they drafted me and offered me a contract they would be my favourite team in the league. What he said as a young teen and hockey fan almost certainly holds no bearing as how he feels currently as a potential professional hockey player.
  5. It would have been nice to see him sign, but Gaudette going back is what might be best for his development. He still needs to adds strength, and I think a season of being "the guy" for his team will help him to round out some of the kinks in his game and deal with the increased pressure and attention that comes with it. If he has another great season next year then he should definitely be ready to go pro. We still have his rights until 2019, so there isn't any need to be sweating about him not signing here.
  6. He really does remind me of Dan Hamhuis though. Simple and smart hockey. Not overly strong, but doesn't need to be as he always seems to just have his body and stick in the right spot to make the play. Not a phenomenal shooter, but gets the puck to the net. Not sensational with his puck skills, but he is a great passer as he has the vision to make some sneaky passes on the breakout and in the offensive zone. Not a dynamic skater, but quick and agile, and has more than enough speed to make a break when he needs to. Skill wise, pretty much just a good at everything but great at nothing kind of guy. But just like Hammer he has tremendous hockey sense. I think he has a little bit more untapped offensive potential however thanks to his playmaking abilities. If he has a career anything like Hammers I'll be very pleased.
  7. Never been to a comedy show before, but Jim Jeffries last night was phenomenal.  Major stomach pains today.

  8. Also for what it's worth, I can pretty confidently say the effort concerns are a thing of the past. Ever since he turned pro and wasn't over-skilled for the level he was playing in he has shown a much higher compete level, and the results clearly speak for themselves. The kid is no Bo, but he's not a floater anymore by any means. He works hard along the boards and will battle for loose pucks and is much more active when playing away from the puck than he used to be. His defensive work remains his biggest issue, but that is largely in-part due to strength and just not having the best defensive positioning awareness. I think both of those issues will continue to improve greatly over the course of the next few years however. I really see no reason this kid shouldn't be at least a solid 2nd line player in the league. He has the offensive talent to be even better than that. He's the player I was hoping we would get when I heard Hansen was going to SJ, and I truly believe this is the best trade Benning has made at GM.
  9. Kid is going to be with the roster from here on out. He's served his dues in the AHL and is ready to graduate. I'd be surprised if he found himself back in the minors again, with the exception of if Utica makes the playoffs this year.
  10. They play a somewhat similar game, but Goldobin has way more skill than Shinkaruk does IMO. He has a better shot, great vision, and is a very explosive skater. Overall I'd say Goldobin legitimately has top line production potential. The issue with both players are that they are a bit weak and can get a little lost defensively, but I think Goldobins offensive skill should be enough to allow him to carve out a good NHL career. I'm not so certain about Shink at this point.
  11. By far the best thing that scrub ever did for the franchise.
  12. I'm not sure he'll even be a 3rd line guy that puts up 30 points a year, but he definitely seems like a safe bet to be a reliable 4th liner for a good number of years. If he can keep playing his sound game and start putting up 15-20 points a year I will be happy with what we got out of him. The kid works hard enough and gets enough chances that he should be able to achieve that.
  13. I felt the exact same way. I was really hoping we didn't draft Tkachuk. Looks like I was wrong (luckily I'm not a scout). OJ still looks like he should develop into an impact Dman though, so I am happy.
  14. I still have no reason to believe Gaunce won't be a 4th line player at least. It's becoming a bit more apparent that he might not have the offensive skill to be a 3rd liner, but he's smart, defensively sound and a very hard worker. If he get's a bit stronger (and he should be able to) he'll be able to carve out a decent career.