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  1. I see it didn't take long for this to turn into the same tired "terrorism" argument. How about you guys stop rushing to judgment so you can label things to make a political point, when there are not nearly enough details to even form a half rational argument yet. This is a horrible day for our country, and I just hope we can come to a better understanding as to why this happened.
  2. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Watching this life was one of the best moments of my entire life. Thank you Tim.
  3. I honestly don't know if I've ever been as sad about somebody who I didn't personally know passing away. He was directly responsible for one of the best moments of my life, and was arguably my favourite musician of the past few years. RIP Tim, you lived a life you will remember.
  4. NFL thread

    For the Niners at #9. 1. Denzel Ward 2. Tremaine Edwards 3. Roquan Smith Hope we trade down though. We need help in a lot of places. If we could get a first and another early pick (hopefully another 1st or an early 2nd depending on which team we are trading with), and end up adding a CB, WR, and an LB after our 50th pick I'd be super happy.
  5. The Workout Thread

    I had a guy the other day ask me if he could store his Burberry jacket (which he made a point of telling me cost $4000) in my locker, because he thought the gym would have quarter lockers like a community center and didn't have a lock himself. Like 1) who the hell wears a $4000 jacket to the gym, 2) why are you going to a $16 a month gym if you own a $4000 jacket that you wear casually, and 3) buy yourself your own lock buddy!
  6. The Workout Thread

    Mainly I just want to look good, but end of the day I'd still like to see some progress with my strength as well. Will probably keep using the straps for a bit, and mix in a little more grip focused workouts as well, grip strength in general is always something good to have. Used the straps today and was hitting 5x of 395, so a definite improvement. Best burn I've gotten in a while from my deadlifts for sure. Good call.
  7. The Workout Thread

    I've got a set of straps that I used to use way back in the day when I first started lifting. Ditched them when I realized my grip strength was absolutely horrible and decided to really focus on improving it. Might not be a bad idea to dust them off and see how she goes.
  8. The Workout Thread

    Did my 1st 5x 345lbs squat and first 5x 245 bench sets this week, which I'm super pumped about, especially since I'm on the lower end of my weight range right now. However my deadlifts have stalled if not regressed over the past few months. I was at the point where I could usually hammer out 3 if not 4 reps at 405, now I'm struggling to hit the 3rd rep at 395, and often can't even finish it. More than anything I'm just finding it hard to keep holding the bar and my grip gives out, I often don't even feel much of a burn in my legs by the time I give out. Super frustrating. Anybody have any good grip strength tips/bar holding techniques that have worked for them?
  9. p-Nashville Predators‏Verified account @PredsNHL FollowFollow @PredsNHL More Special addition to the bench today. The #Preds will honor the Humboldt Broncos with a Wade Belak stick from his last season with the team. Belak was from just outside of Humboldt. 10:50 AM - 14 Apr 2018 Amazing gesture.
  10. NFL thread

    Reuben Foster is an idiot.
  11. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    I haven't checked prices in like 3 weeks. Is it safe?
  12. Hollywood sucks these days

    I maaaaybe watch 4/5 new blockbuster movies a year now. And even then I usually only end up enjoying 1 or 2 of them. I've honestly found more enjoyment in watching documentaries that I know are going to be bad/cringe inducing. Watching a 90 hour documentary on people who like to have sex with robots or someone getting catfished is enjoyable in a way that Pacific Rim Uprising could never be.
  13. New team logo/logo change

    If we wanted to go back to the old skate get up, I'd be all for that. Those were gorgeous jerseys. But as for what we have now: Love the colours - amongst the best colour combos in the league. Meh about the logo - could take it or leave it. HATE the big "VANCOUVER" across the chest - it's horrible, scrap it.
  14. [Report] Patrick Sharp announces retirement

    Classy guy, good player. League is losing some good ones this year.
  15. They were eliminated yesterday by CSKA Moscow. So much for that lol.