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  1. I find hard fought and well goal-tended 1-0 games more exciting than 7-6 shootouts.
  2. Iceland was by far the cleanest country I have ever been to, and that was despite an almost infuriating lack of garbage cans around the towns, tourist areas, and hiking trails. There are harsh penalties for littering, but you'd be hard pressed to find any sort of officials around to enforce anything. If people wanted to they could easily get away with it there. Yet the locals and the vast majority of the tourists don't leave their crap about because they genuinely respect the environment. Unfortunately far too many people here take the beauty we have for granted. The more people respect nature, the less they will pollute it.
  3. Nashville. Loved their jersey's when they came into the league, and they were actually my favourite team for a while because of that (I was like 6). Always had a soft spot for them since. It's helped that I'm genuinely a fan of how that team has been run and the on-ice product they put out. Great example of how to grow the sport in a non traditional hockey market.
  4. Black Mirror Hannibal Narcos And if cartoons filled with existential humour that can both make you laugh and hate life at the same time is your thing, Bojack Horseman. It also has animal puns. Seriously well made show though.
  5. Ohhh baby it's football Sunday!
  6. It's a legal opinion based of off what I know about the Charter, although I'm certainly not an expert. Junior players either being allowed to play or not being allowed to play in the AHL doesn't really have to do with either age or nationality. Rather it depends on what junior league players choose to play in. In Canada legal discrimination can only occur when the discrimination occurs as a result of protected grounds, and playing in the CHL isn't a protected ground under the Charter.
  7. It's not a case of "because you are 18 and from Canada you can't play in the AHL" though. It's a case of "because you are 18 and made the personal choice to play in this specific Junior league that has an agreement (that you were fully aware of) that bars you from playing in the AHL you can't play in the AHL". Canadian junior players are still more than welcome to play in other leagues than the CHL (such as Jr. A, USHL, NCAA) which allow them to move to the AHL at 18. Most certainly not discriminatory in any way.
  8. Always liked Upshall. Decent skater, reliable defensively, and had some surprising offensive output mixed in every few seasons. He should provide solid competition and I wouldn't mind seeing him ending up with a 4th line role.
  9. Lol. Pats played really bad tonight, though I can't imagine it stays that way throughout the season. It was only this morning I was reading an article about how they were poised to finally have their 19-0 season though. Maybe next year.
  10. 12 team. 3 keepers. Standard scoring. Kept Gordon, Howard, Evans from last year. Only guy I'm not crazy about is Mixon. Picked him in round 1 (6th pick) as the RB group available got decimated pretty quickly and I didnt like any available WRs at that spot. Bit of a reach but I'm hoping that he'll take control of that backfield soon enough and emerge as an RB2 a few weeks in, and with any luck even better as the season moves on. Hopefully he'll be worth keeping for the next few years as well.
  11. QB: Dak Prescott RB1: Melvin Gordon RB2: Jordan Howard WR1: Mike Evans WR2: Kelvin Benjamin TE: Jimmy Graham Flex: Ameer Abdullah K: Cairo Santos D/ST: Texans Bench: Joe Mixon Bench: Jacquizz Rodgers Bench: Alvin Kamara Bench: Jamison Crowder Bench: Kevin White Bench: Cooper Kupp
  12. Just spent a few days in Barcelona, left about 10 days ago. Was on Las Ramblas very frequently. This ones got me a bit freaked out. Hope they catch the scumbag(s) that did this.
  13. Events in Vancouver are truly not worth the money. I'd rather do 1 event in Seattle than go to 2 in Vancouver.
  14. A modest and fair increase to account for increases in the cost of living. This is how minimum wage increases should be done. Take note Ontario.
  15. Just got back from a month vacation, ate a ton of rich food and hit the booze pretty hard nearly every day. Gained 7 pounds despite walking an average of 20km a day and doing a few day hikes. Going back to the gym again this morning, going to be interesting to see how pathetic I got