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  1. Would love for it to happen, but I truly can't imagine it actually occurring again. Definitely not to the scale of 2011 at least.
  2. I'd be absolutely thrilled if that was his ceiling, let alone his floor. Unfortunately his floor is where he is now.
  3. "You're done bud" "Just gonna seeeend it" "Oh man" "Fer the boys" Yeah, I'm a dbag.
  4. Judge is also 25 years old. People don't bring that up enough when they laud the fact that he's still a rookie. Many of the top notch players in the MLB have been in the league for yeeeears at that point. He's having himself a heck of a year, but the most Gretzky-like thing about him so far is that he wears #99. Mike Trout is only 8 months older than Judge, and he's been in the league for over 5 seasons. His MVP season last year he was playing at the same age Judge is now, and he already had an MVP under his belt at that point. If anyone in the MLB is "baseballs Gretzky" right now it is Trout (or maybe Miguel Cabrera) but that is still a lofty comparison for both of them.
  5. You're not wrong, but that won't stop some people from inevitably calling you a closet Leafs fan!
  6. Seattle is basically Vancouver with less to do outside the city (outdoor activities), but a lot more to do inside the city (food, bars, music, etc.).
  7. 1. Vancouver 2. Nashville 3. LA 4. NYR 5. Montreal
  8. I never really expected him to come back, so it's not really a surprise. There's zero incentive for him to come back here.
  9. 5. Gabe Vilardi - I really do not like the Pettersson pick. I would have preferred any of Vilardi, Glass, Mittlestadt or Necas over him. It's not that I don't think Pettersson will be good, I just don't see him being better than any of those 4, and certainly not all of them. I truly feel like we could have traded down a few spots and still got Pettersson. I was really high on Vilardi. 33. Kole Lind - I really like this pick. I think Kole should have a solid NHL career, although he likely won't ever be a star. A top 9 forward in the 2nd round is great though. 55. Eemeli Rasanen - Gadjovich would have been my #2 here so no complaints, just kind of wish we picked up a D man a little earlier and I really like Rasanen. He might not skate well, but he's solid defensively and has some skill with the puck as well. 64. Stelio Mattheos - I like the DiPietro pick, but Mattheos would have been a nice pickup here. Solid skater and all around player who can play with sandpaper when needed. No real complaints here though. 98. Nikita Popaguev - Not really a huge fan of the Rathbone pick, but admit I'm not overly familiar with him yet. Popaguev is risky but oozes potential and I would have even been happy with taking him at 64. Not often you can find such big wingers who have that much offensive skill in the 4th round. 135. Jarret Tyszka - Gunnarsson just doesn't really seem to have much upside to me. I get Cederholm vibes from him. With Rasanen we don't really need another physical D either. Tyszka is a good mobile D who was projected to go a lot higher, and has some offensive potential. 181. Petrus Palmu - I like it. Obviously his size is a massive limitation, and I doubt he ever amounts to much, but he was worth the flyer here. The fact that he plays bigger than his size gives me some hope at least. Poor mans Zuccarello maybe? 188. Ivan Chekhovich - Brassard is actually a really intriguing prospect considering how late we got him, so I'm pretty happy with the pick. But Chekhovich is a guy I would have been happy with taking at 135, and I don't really understand why he fell that much. Incredibly smart player who has the potential to be a effective scorer.
  10. Seriously, have some of you not watched Yakupov play the past 2 years? He is terrible. He's a floater who has only put up 32 points in 100 games the past 2 years (1 point every 3.125 games). Linden Vey had 39 in 116 games as a member of the Canucks (1 point every 2.974 games) and everyone despised watching him play for us. I would go so far to say that Vey didn't float around as much as Yakupov either. Yakupov is a bust. He is truly nothing more than a bad NHL player at this point. If he was a 4th round pick and not a 1st overall pick nobody here would even entertain the idea of signing him. The potential he had is long gone by this point however. We'd be better off with giving a guy like Labate or Cramarossa or Boucher (who has actually produced at a better rater than Yakupov the past 2 seasons) or someone else who actually has shown that they deserve a shot the opportunity.
  11. I'd look at Grigorenko, I would much prefer him over Yakupov. Still, Grigorenko is no stud either. He's very much an underwhelming player.
  12. I'd love to sign with the Canucks too. Too bad neither of us deserve to have an NHL contract at this point.
  13. I don't really want Makar either, but yeesh this thread is all kinds of awful.
  14. I see you're from Mississauga. Lady in the video a friend of yours?