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  1. This thread was a riveting read. I laughed, I cried, I learned.
  2. NFL thread

    Raiders releasing Crabtree for Nelson at basically the same price point is a grotesquely backwards move.
  3. All ages rock shows??

    I've been to events where there were uniformed police officers outside the door and security inside, and still seen this happen. I'm not doubting your organization at all, just wanted to let you know that in my experience it is something that should definitely be prepared for.
  4. All ages rock shows??

    I'm just saying, kids use music events as an excuse to get messed up. If it is an all ages event of any kind, there will absolutely be kids like that running around. Just something to consider.
  5. All ages rock shows??

    Almost all music festivals in Vancouver are all ages. I do not go to music festivals in Vancouver any more because of that fact. I do not need nor want to see drunk/high/rolling (or any combination of the 3) 14 year olds running around.
  6. The Workout Thread

    My current site has a 630am start time, and is about a 30 min commute (assuming no accidents), so going beforehand isn't really an option. Getting up at 5am is hard enough lol. Goal setting sounds like a solid idea, I've been planning on starting a cut sometime soon so maybe I should get to work on that. I haven't really been working towards anything specific the past little while.
  7. NFL thread

    NFL Memes‏ @NFL_Memes FollowFollow @NFL_Memes More It’s a good thing Seahawks fans don’t exist anymore because they’d be pissed to see Richard Sherman go to the 49ers. 5:21 PM - 10 Mar 2018 1,727 Retweets 5,732 Likes
  8. The Workout Thread

    Just started a new job as an electrical apprentice and I'm finding it really hard to get myself to the gym after an 8 hour day bending pipe and pulling wire. Usually get to the gym every weekday (4 minimum), but only went twice last week. I'm sure once I get used to it/establish a new routine I'll get back to it, but it kind of sucks right now. Anyone have any good tips that help them drag their tired butt to the gym after a long day?
  9. Without a doubt. He's just as good defensively and is superior to Tanev in just about every sense offensively.
  10. In all fairness, McDonagh is far more valuable than Tanev.
  11. Or you know... just don't buy that brand it if it offends you? I happen to like my Camelbak and the fact that MEC replaces it when I inevitably damage it.
  12. He was also 3rd in voting on his own line. It's interesting that his best year (by far) came playing with JT Compher and Kyle Connor. That same year Leipsic (only 1 year older) was almost a point per game player in a full AHL season. Regardless, both players have been successful in the league's leading to the NHL. Leipsic however has been more impressive to me in the league.
  13. Motte is a good skater and has decent offensive skills, however I don't think that he jumps out in either of those aspects. There are plenty of players who can do what he does. We've seen lots of players just like him go by the wayside the past couple of years. Maybe it's not fair to compare them, but Emerson Etem had all the right tools too, it just never really came together for him. Motte really looks to me as another one of those players. I actually like Leipsic. He's reliable defensively, has some skill, and is a pain to play against. He played well in Vegas this year. I can see him carving out a role here on the bottom 6, which is one less spot that Motte could hope to fill.
  14. I don't fully disagree, however if I were to bet on Gaudette becoming a 2nd line player or Motte becoming a 3rd line player, I'd go with Gaudette every time. I think the difference between the two on that basis is substantial. End of the day, it really comes down to me just not being overly impressed with Motte. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  15. I think Gaudette will be a solid top 9 forward, and Motte will at best be a plug-in on the bottom 6. Take from that as you will. I'm still curious as to what your actual thoughts on Motte are.