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  1. Ingredients for successful playoff team

    Vegas has been hot all season. Literally and figuratively.
  2. The Workout Thread

    Where did you buy your ephedrine? Went into the supplement store by my gym and asked if they carried any, and the employees there told me that they "legally weren't allowed to carry it anymore", which apparently isn't true in the slightest lol.
  3. So Both Ehlers and Nylander are Playoff Ghosts...

    Lol. That is all.
  4. Mags is an absolute must for anyone who is driving through Squamish. I go up that way for weekends a lot, my girlfriends parents live up there, Whistler, camping, etc. Every trip begins and ends with a stop at Mags.
  5. An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    I am of the belief that there are aliens out there somewhere, it would be nieve to think otherwise. The universe is far to vast to completely dismiss that notion. There have been some absolutely fantastical things done in our human history that would be easily be explained by the idea that aliens helped us to achieve those feat. However, I just don't see any real evidence as of yet that could convince me that any other life has visited our planet, let alone influenced it.
  6. Think of it this way. 7th ---> 11th + 40th Tanev ---> 12th That wouldn't be a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination.
  7. Be careful, some feminists will get triggered by that. And I wish I was joking, it happened to me once.
  8. Until you get the people that don't identify with being considered Nale in addition to not being Male or Female.
  9. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    Having a NSH-VGK West Final and a TBL-WSH East Final would guarantee a team I like winning. In order of preference: 1. NSH 2. VGK 3. WSH 4. TBL 5. WIN 6. The NHL cancels the season 7. WW3 8. PIT Nashville has been my 2nd favourite team since they came into the league. Vegas has made me a fan through how the team was originally branded and marketed, and the on-ice product and story that followed has really made them a team I like. Washington because Ovi deserves a Cup, and he is one of my favourite players of this generation. Tampa just plays a solid style of hockey, has a lot of likeable players and is a fun team to watch. Winnipeg I have no real feelings for one way or another. Would be happy for their fans if they won, but also don't really care. Pittsburgh... well screw Pittsburgh.
  10. [Proposal] Package for 1st overall Pick

    There is about a 0% chance Buffalo trades that pick.
  11. CDC Consensus #7 Overall Pick Poll

    Dahlin, Svech, and Zadina will be gone. That will leave us at least one of Tkachuk, Wahlstrom, Boqvist or Bouchard to choose from. I will be thrilled with any of the 4, but if I had to choose I would go with Bouchard. I wouldn't be upset if we picked Hughes as well, but no matter the outcome of the first 6 picks he would not be my first choice at #7.
  12. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Well considering Dahlin, Svech, and Zadina are all basically guaranteed to be gone before we pick, it means that at least 1 of Tkachuk, Wahlstrom, Boqvist, or Bouchard will still be available at 7. I'd be thrilled with any of them. Could have gone better, but also could have gone a lot worse. We should get a solid guy at #7.
  13. NFL thread

    Not unhappy with the McGlinchey pick. I think he went a bit high, but Garoppolo needs protection and he's the best Tackle prospect in the draft. Ward going to the Browns at #4 was super surprising don't think he was worth that pick. And the new details surrounding Reuben Foster's legal troubles make it seem like he will be available to us, which kind of negated our dire need for a LB. Getting OLine help not a bad call at all.
  14. I see it didn't take long for this to turn into the same tired "terrorism" argument. How about you guys stop rushing to judgment so you can label things to make a political point, when there are not nearly enough details to even form a half rational argument yet. This is a horrible day for our country, and I just hope we can come to a better understanding as to why this happened.