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  1. I am thinking that Justin Schultz will be representing Canada in Sochi next year.

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    2. Mountain  Man

      Mountain Man

      I would have picked Crosby or Stamkos but thats just me.

    3. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Aaaaaand, he's gone........ding dong......

    4. Smashian Kassian

      Smashian Kassian

      You guys while we are at it maybe we should take Kyle Wellwood over Crosby and Stamkos too.

  2. In case you're not aware, this is almost the exact criticism that people had of the Sedin's. On any other roster, they may well have been given up on. They were extremely slow when they first entered the league, and they really didn't become marquee NHL players until 2009 (at the age of 29). What led them to growth was Burke/Crawford's sheer insistence of having them as the second line, all the time, no matter what. 2nd PP, too. Cody will continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster, and I think that with his IQ, instincts, and drive, there's really nothing stopping him from multiple All-Star appearances.
  3. Plus/minus is mostly a team-driven statistic that should not be analyzed at an individual level without some serious skepticism. There are only 3 Vancouver Canucks at the moment with a minus rating; meanwhile, there are 12 Buffalo Sabres. 5 minus players on Chicago; 14 on Toronto. Is it because teams like Vancouver & Chicago are loaded with defensively responsible players, or is it simply because they're better teams?!? Not a hard question to answer, IMO. For all the whining about how awful defensively Christian Ehrhoff is/was, guess who's second on the Sabres with a +4 rating?
  4. Smashian Kassian is thoroughly unimpressed with Cody Hodgson's 10 points in 11 games, yet he'll tell you in the next sentence how Jordan Schroeder is headed to superstardom (0 goals, 2 points in 8 games). Cody Hodgson's production has been all because of his linemates, yet Zack Kassian's - who's linemates have been Daniel & Henrik Sedin - are all basically on the back of his own efforts. Welcome to CDC.
  5. Riiiiiiight. Vanek's production had dropped in both 2010-11 and 2011-12. He was firmly entrenched in the "awful contract" category. Pominville has also never been a PPG player. 3-year average of ~60. You really think that Cody has nothing to do with their hot starts? As for Grigorenko, he has been useless. Barely getting 1 shot per game. I know that you, and many on this site, are cheering for Cody to flop, but it's just not going to happen. He is simply too good. "Replaceable part".
  6. Ah, OK. I apologize. Must've missed that part. ...though I don't necessarily agree that Cody can't be effective on a bottom-six role, as evidenced by his time with us last year.
  7. Hodgson might have a slower acceleration, but he's able to skate at peak speed for a period that appears to be longer than 2 seconds.
  8. Of course they were When Kassian fed it to Justin Schultz in the slot, only to be bailed out by Luongo, who's fault was that? I'm not comparing Kassian to Weise. You're saying that the Kassian "won't get the plum minutes" on the 1st line is because he "has the ability" to be effective in a checking role. I'm saying that that's a bunch of crap. Hockey pool decisions...wha? When did that become a factor?
  9. Um, OK. I guess we'll see how many goals he gets while on the 3rd line. So far, that tally is 0.
  10. I thought he was OK tonight. Not really noticeable besides the scoring chance that he had. But my concern with Kassian is his skating. He doesn't seem to have any endurance at all. He'll have a decent burst of speed and then just totally coast a couple of strides later. In that respect, not at all comparable to Bertuzzi.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm sure that's the reason. Dale Weise also surely would be leading this team in points if he was on the 1st line, but since Daniel Sedin isn't very effective in a bottom-six checking role, Dale will never be able to get those plum minutes on the top line. Keep dreaming.
  12. All Cody's fault, obviously.
  13. The concept of risk is not one that's well understood around these parts. What's risky is not a 2-year commitment at a pretty low cap hit to a well-established vet like Sami Salo, but a 6-year commitment to an unestablished guy like Jason Garrison who came out of nowhere to be a PP force last year, scoring 17 goals. And to say that he made a "very big hometown discount"...get serious. He got 6 years at $4.6M per, and he's Jason Garrison. What do you honestly think gave up? Maybe an extra $100K per year to go play in Long Island? The guy absolutely cashed in.
  14. Very strong performance by the Canucks - strongest of the year, easily. Big statement made by Schneider. And I am $XXX less wealthy after betting on the Wild.

  15. Gotta say, I don't like the Canucks' chances tonight.