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  1. I actually saw on tsn today that detroit is releasing Veleno to play this year.
  2. Is buttman at the game today? These refs might as well have red white and blue uniforms on
  3. Looks like rooster and big tuna have some good chemistry going!!
  4. This kid is an absolute beauty! Love his attitude and work ethic
  5. Looks like Johan Franzen has come out now saying babcock is “ the worst person he’s ever met”. Supposedly babcock bullied him a lot which was also after franzen suffered multiple concussions. He ended up having a breakdown once on the bench during a game and again later in the dressing rm. Franzen now deals with ptsd from the whole ordeal and is only now just starting to feel normal again. If someone else can post the link to the full story that would be awesome. also peters was an assistant coach with the wings at the time.... birds of a feather.
  6. Just miffed at how much green is underutilizing virtanen. That was maybe the best period of his career in the second and he basically gets benched in the third. There was a lot of special teams situations in the third so I get him not being out there for that but what about when it’s 4 on 4?! Give the kid some more ice time for Christ sake green!
  7. Jake hast a great second period and now barely seen him in the third, typical green.
  8. Lol at that coyle contract, meanwhile horvats is looking better and better!
  9. I would love to see him smashing guys in the corner regularly but judging how the team plays on a whole I’m going to guess green doesn’t exactly coach an overly physical style of game. Like some other posters have mentioned it seems like jake might be nervous to make a big hit which puts him out of position and he ends up stapled to the bench yet again.
  10. This could very well be the problem which obviously as fans we can only speculate. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he were traded and really figures it out with another team.
  11. Obviously there were concerns about his conditioning when he showed up to camp this year so you could very well have a point. Having said that I haven’t noticed him being short of breath often. If you ask me the team has mis managed him and his development. Blows my mind how he’s never used on any special teams, o.t., shootout etc.
  12. I really wish bert had never said that whole 7x7 comment as it’s totally unrealistic. No player in the league is averaging 7 hits per game and I think the average is somewhere around 2. Jake plays around 10 min per game so 7x7 is ridiculous to expect. While I will admit there’s lots of room for improvement in jakes game it seems he very rarely gets rewarded for strong efforts and quite often gets demoted or benched when he makes a mistake. I’m not sure he’ll ever make it out of greens doghouse.
  13. Waaaaay too much perimeter play 5 on 5. Team is playing soft right now, need to get into those dangerous areas in the slot and make something happen.
  14. Over from the island going to the game tonight! So stoked on this team. Avs are impressive but nucks are coming up as well. Got my new horvat jersey ready to cheer my ass off! Go Canucks go!!!