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  1. I always like to see canadian players doing well throughout the league but when it comes to teams it’s only canucks, I did however cheer pretty hard for the blues last year but they were stacked with good canadian kids and I &^@#ing hate the bruins.
  2. This thread is gold @VforVirtanen ! Sunday morning, Time to repent all you sinners!
  3. Jake haters taking an absolute $&!# kicking lately
  4. Virtanen putting a wreck on all the haters. How’s his “hockey sense” looking now?
  5. Jd burke? Lol might as well ask my 9 year old neice what she thinks about virtanen
  6. I would love to see them bring back the schenndozer for that added toughness. I was stoked when benning signed benn but he’s been a disappointment so far Imo, seems like a bit of a fake tough guy with all the tattoos and big beard and yet not any memorable hits or scraps yet. I still think we need a physical deterrent sometimes and schenn was awesome in that role last year.
  7. Wow hayton looks like a stud, coyotes look like they got a good one there. As far as all the diving stuff goes I hate it but can’t really blame the canadians, the russians were flopping all over as usual and getting the calls so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Here’s to hoping benning starts drafting some more homegrown talent.
  8. Bowey back in the lineup tonight and scores a goal. I wonder if waivers was a wake up call
  9. Probably some of that new avacado ice cream, the hipsters have officially taken over
  10. I would pay my days wage to see ferland obliterate mathews with an open ice hit! Let that piggy nose bleed!
  11. Pretty good chance that will change as most mock drafts for 2020 feature the chl heavily. Who knew canadians are actually pretty good at hockey.