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  2. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but i did a quick search and found nothing. Bad news. Was hoping Demko could work with him
  3. Went over to see what people are saying at Hfboards. Kid seems to be killing it. Apparently hes had better numbers than filip forsberg and andre burakovsky at the same age. I think someone may have said even W.Nylander. (dont quote me on that though) This kid could be a steal. Could he drop to the 3rd?
  4. Is it just me or has there been more pucks hitting people in the face this year than ever?
  5. Honestly i can kind of understand his side. I know they make millions but the kid is 24 years old. The spend a good chunk of their lifes missing all kinds of things all in the name of hockey/work. Sucks that they cant call in and miss 1 practice for an event.
  6. Really? Everywhere ive seen him hes been listed as LW/RW. Id want him even more then i do if he can play center. Do you think his game suits the Center position though?
  7. When i felt it we werent sure if it was a real earthquake. Weird how the first place i felt an earthquake i just happened to be in richmond for the first time in ages. Worst place to be. It was pretty scary though. Makes you realize how unprepared we are.
  8. Here is my roster
  9. Dont know if this makes much diiference in your opinions but i forgot to state that it is only 3 year keeper league and we can only choose 6 players to bring into next year. Im not sure id even be keeping hopkins over the others. Any difference?
  10. Hey guys. Can you please give me your opinions on this trade. Ive been offered two trades. Hudler + Markov for my R.N.H + Shea Weber. Marleau + 10th for my Simmonds + 2nd. Keeper League. Counts on Shots, A and Goals. Do i take these trades?
  11. Can you explain a little better your reasoning on number 3?
  12. Hey guys im kinda new to the drafts. Mine is a keeper pool. Counts only G, A and shots for forwards. I have 3 questions. 1. Ive been offered Backstrom, Carlson and a 1st for my Ovy, Trouba + 5th. Should i take it? 2. Should i pick up Rask for F.Andersson or C.Crawford? 3. Should i drop Kreider for Sheiffle, Domi, Duclair or Marchand?
  13. I have kreider in my keeper pool? Would you guys drop him for domi then?
  14. Please PLEASE can someone inbox me a stream
  15. Can someone please inbox me a link to a stream. My usual one isnt working for me? Thanks in advance!