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  1. Hey Everyone, I hope this post is okay here as I really need all the advice I can get. I've been seriously struggling with chronic myofascial pain for almost a decade, and can no longer work a job that has any significant amounts of labour, repetitive actions, standing or walking. Sitting is okay as long as I'm free to get up and move around. Pretty restrictive, I know. There is the potential that I could get government funding to take a school program with a maximum length of 14 months. I feel I could succeed in anything academically but I excel with math, physics, computers, etc. I would love to study some branch of engineering but I can't find anything I could do in under 2 years. I do have some university credits (first year Math/Physics/English) but they are quite old and may not be transferable. I've been looking at potential ~1 year programs at local schools: Kwantlen, UFV, Douglas, BCIT, but nothing has jumped out at me as something that would lead to a job I could do sustainably given my physical limitations. I need to find something that uses my mind much more than my body. Any suggestions for programs I could look into at local (Vancouver/Fraser Vallley) schools? Thanks