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  1. Breaking Bad

    The funniest scene in a non-comedy show I've ever seen. It was amazing.
  2. friend got banned from mall

    There's only one way to find out about their personality, isn't there? A friend of mine likely has no regrets approaching a girl at the mall four years ago, seeing as they are now engaged.
  3. Breaking Bad

    Wow! Amazing. Wish season 5 had some of that emotion and intensity.
  4. Breaking Bad

    I'm still waiting for something bigger repercussions from Walt killing Gus. That episode with Don Eladio not killing Gus because "He knows who he is" still needs explaining. I honestly thought the first 8 episodes were going to be Walt vs People from Gus's mysterious origin, and the second 8 episodes would be Walt vs Hank. Unless the whole food/chemical/etc company in season 5 was the entirety of Gus's secret connections, in which case I'm terribly disappointed.
  5. Breaking Bad

    I think this the first episode I've seen where they just left a complete cliffhanger, with nothing to go on. Other than that, best episode this season so far in my opinion. The scene with Jesse drinking water at the table was epic.
  6. Breaking Bad

    I haven't been a fan of how simple they have made the laptop destruction/methylamine heist seem. In previous seasons there was what I remember to be most of an episode devoted to tracking a vehicle with GPS or poisoning someone's food, now they don't even bother with the little stuff.