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  1. I love squidbillies

  2. You take the venom out of a cobra and what to you got? A belt "quagmire"

  3. Earth first, we will drill the other planets later.

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    2. peener


      drill me first

    3. Gooby


      Don't say you didn't ask for it peens

    4. ChenWei91


      I'll show you my peens.

  4. If we are not cursed already I have a feeling this will be Curse of the Bambino Vancouver Canucks style.



      So Roberto Luongo is Babe Ruth then?

    2. nux4lyfe


      You have Noheart.

    3. Noheart


      Yes you are both correct.

  5. I have worked in the USA for 2 years and just realized today that they do not have, and have never herd of smarties. That's a deal breaker if I'm a UFA.

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      You dont have them....... Way to miss the whole point of this status Chilis! GEEZ AMERICANS!



      Coffee Crisp is great, Smarties are bottom tier chocolate though

    4. Smashian Kassian

      Smashian Kassian

      Wow I'm never going back to that now forbidden land

  6. The Workout Thread

    My body is like this To decrease 50% protein, 25% fat, 25% carbs under BMR Maintain - Same thing @ BMR To get fat 50% or more carbs aka drinking beer I don't know what it is but my body hates carbs, if I eat too much I can't stop farting and feel like crap. My metabolism seems to get pissed off too. People suggest I'm a no Gluten guy but I have a phobia of doctors so Ill never know. Cave men ate a low carb diet, maybe I'm just a slow evolver Probably the easiest way to track food is an awesome little app called lose it
  7. The Workout Thread

    Again I do it a bit strange but it's the only way I keep up intensity without getting bored. I do (2)20-30 min workouts per day, 3 on 1 off. 1-morning after cardio 1-early evening I work one muscle for the most part per 20-30 min workout until failure. Alternate 3 exercises with no rest Example decline flys Incline bench Cable cross over Then 3 more Incline flys Decline bench Peck deck Then Dips Push-ups Pull-ups Seems like a lot but it goes fast, do your best don't worry about weight only form. If you are just starting a set program might be the way to go. I did that years ago then slowly moved into this kinda stuff when I saw a mental army guy doing it at the gym. He was in and out in 20 mins and worked 100x harder than me and my 1hr For protein I like ISO Flex but my needs are different then yours. You wanna gain WT drink a lot of beer It's the reason I battle with WT
  8. The Workout Thread

    My body works differently, if I eat lean I stay lean, If I eat a pile of carbs and fat I get fat. I work out aggressivly cause I get bored counting and tracking I don't give a crap how many tons I move, if I do all I can do it's always enough, I fail with 3 reps, I fail with 30 reps who knows, who cares.
  9. I'm not sure if the Jay's are for real or not but it sure was nice to cheer for them again. Even if the fall off the planet

  10. Lu tweet thread

    Thread fail Sorry Tiger My bad
  11. Lu tweet thread

    @strombone1: Maybe the Blue Jays need a goalie to catch RA Dickey? Just sayin.......
  12. The Workout Thread

    You do need a pile of protein and calories. Although I have never had to worry about putting on Wt so I'm not an expert Other keys that are just as important, work out to full failure I can't stand going to the gym and seeing retards do 12 reps then stop, look in the mirror, repeat. If you want your muscles to grow make them grow, fail evertime. Don't worry about the Wt you have on worry about form, tune out everything and focus on the muscle you are working. Again you see guys wobbling back and forth tying to get to the "set" reps. The biggest breakthrough for me was when I started to push or lift fast and explosive and let down or come down really really slow. It increased my power significantly. Taking in all the calories in the world won't make you grow muscle if you don't work extremely hard. I work out for 30-45 mins with no rests and completly fail every time I end a set I have done this for years and its worked for me. I don't even count my reps anymore If you don't feel like barfing then you aren't working hard enough. Take your body to its absolute max and it will respond with growth. A super good website is He is a total weirdo that put this non profit website together cause he is totally mental. But let me tell you he has some excellent cheap and effective alternatives to supplements and roids and he does it all from home.