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  1. [Official] Wii U thread

    I'd probably be more likely to get a PS3 or Vita than a Wii U right now, but STILL. I get that he was trying to appeal to pretty much everyone in the sense that $350 is a considerable ding for most people, but it just isn't comparatively expensive. May as well just say gaming is too expensive and blow up the entire industry.
  2. [Official] Wii U thread

    What is the basis for that statement? The Wii (which has weak hardware and caps out at 480i/p, not to mention EXTREMELY limited internal storage) launched at $50 less than the Wii U. The XBOX 360 (plagued with hardware failures and general fragility) cost $150 more than the Wii U at its own launch if you wanted decent storage space, while the Playstation 3 at minimum specs cost $50 more than the 360. Add to all this that the Wii U runs 1080p natively (something that the 360 and PS3 cannot do), and all you are left with is a head full of f***
  3. [Official] Wii U thread

    Definitely. I don't claim that the Wii U launch is worse than any other launch. I just have a lot of good games to play on other consoles, so the launch isn't quite good enough for me to buy a Wii U at launch. It would have to be obscenely good for that.
  4. [Official] Wii U thread

    Cool, cool. Yeah, I'm not saying the games are bad. There just isn't that "one" game that I really want yet. When there are a few, I'll definitely be getting a Wii U, but not until I feel like I can get as much out of it as I do from the consoles I have.
  5. [Official] Wii U thread

    I have already said that my expectations will be met or not when more games come out. The launch lineup doesn't really appeal to me. Out of curiosity, which titles are you (or anyone reading this) most excited for? I'm not trying to prove that the lineup is bad; I'd just like to hear what the biggest draw is for people. I don't feel that there is anything there for me.
  6. [Official] Wii U thread

    Didn't say I was. A strong launch does make for better sales/reputation, though. People have short attention-spans. If the video-game industry were an MTG tournament, Nintendo would have a deck full of "nostalgia" cards and I feel like in the past few years they just haven't been playing them as much as they could.
  7. [Official] Wii U thread

    "Upgraded/extra content" doesn't really sell me on anything. It's not that I expect failure, just that they don't seem to be roaring out of the gate with the approach that I was hoping to see. The problem with the "hardcore" business model for Nintendo is that people aren't going to buy it to play CoD or Mass Effect. I hope they don't buy too much into this idea that it will only be recognized as a "real" console if it appeals to hardcore gamers. I would much rather see digital downloads of Mother or Pokemon games than Call of Duty. That's the sort of thing that would make me think "hey, this Wii U might be a cool thing to buy."
  8. [Official] Wii U thread

    I still have a Wii from launch, and a Gamecube from launch, an old "fat" PS2, a DS, an XBOX 360 and my PC (so technically also an SNES). Even if all three major next-gen consoles came out next week, I have so much gameplay available to me that I wouldn't worry about the fact that I need to spend my money on tools rather than video-games. I still haven't played Earthbound through, Final Fantasy X, XII, Okami, Skyward Sword ect., so I'm not really worried about having access to what is not a very interesting launch library to me. There's nothing superior to the games I listed available on the Wii U right now. The only games I'm much interested in at all on that list I already intend to get on Steam. I'm not a Call of Duty player, but my younger brother is, and we both feel that Black Ops 2 doesn't hold much promise. I'm going to school out of town in January so I decided to start playing CoD on Steam (despite the fact that it's not at all my style and I'm awful at it) as a way of hanging out with my brother. Most people I know play the series socially, and the Wii U will not have any draw on that crowd because a group of five people who play CoD together aren't going to buy a $400 console each just to play on a different platform. I want the Wii U to do well, but my expectations will be determined by games that come out post-launch.
  9. [Official] Wii U thread

    I have expectations for the console, but I agree that I'm not feeling the launch titles. I'll probably wait a year unless something amazing gets released out of the blue (Okami sequel that is better than the DS one please).
  10. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    It's weird... I want a Wii U, but I don't want any of the launch titles. Ah, well. I'll just wait for the smaller developers to start putting stuff out before I get one.
  11. What Are You Currently Playing?

    It's a riot. Anyone who wants to know, watch JoshJepson and SuperJeenius playing it on youtube. You will be enlightened.
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Haven't played Radiant Historia all that much, but I did grab Rayman Origins on XBL. Lots of fun, but much better co-op than it is solo. I prefer it to NSMB, personally.
  13. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    Assassin's Creed is quite good and quite fun, although most of that list is shooters of some sort (Borderlands 2 is definitely a FPS, as the developers said the priority in development was to make it a FPS first and foremost). I'm playing Rayman Origins on 360 right now, which I consider to be good competition for NSMB. I enjoy Final Fantasy XIII as a game, not so much as an RPG or story, but as a game that you play at least with great cinematics (PS: the battle system is about efficiency, not just mere survival). Also, in the spirit of fairness, Halo 4 is pretty good. I like it the same way I like Cowboy Bebop english dubbed instead of subbed; despite the fact that most people will develop untrue ideas about how my tastes lack "culture." All that being said, Mario is fantastic and I spent a few hours today on Galaxy 2 and a little more on Kart Wii (but only because I couldn't get Forza 4 ).
  14. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    Very true. Although getting a good Motherboard is essential if you intend to upgrade. I don't really consider my computer a "gaming" computer but more a swiss army knife due to the 3570k. If you want to build a computer just for gaming, you're going to want to start with the video card and an SSD. If you're like me and you want to render video/3d models, run buttloads of programs and do other CPU intensive functions, you really have to think about where CPU spending ends and Vid-Card spending begins.
  15. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    Dude, can you list the specs? I'm curious.