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  1. JVR from Maple leafs is available apparently. maybe JVR plus pick for Tanev?
  2. So I chose Crosby as my number one fantasy pick against my friends. And the only thing that we are counting are points, so basically the player that gets more points is the better player. Well I picked Crosby and he got injured but he's back now.. So the question is should I trade him for ovechkin? Or should I keep him. Basically who will get more points this season even tho Crosby got injured for a couple games. Thanks
  3. We should have kept Vrbata

    FINALLY SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY THINKS OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!! That's what I'm tryin to say. He would have been amazing for depth
  4. We should have kept Vrbata

    It has nothing to do about our record so far. I like how we are 4-0-1 but this isn't going to last. Look at the game right now, we have one shot. How is one dimensional bad . We are trying to win as a team, we're not here to babysit younger players. Look at ovechkin. He's one dimensional but atleast he scores and contributes. I'm not saying that erickson is bad, I'm talking about depth. We don't have a younger player who is nhl ready other then 3-4 liners so Vrbata wouldn't be taking a spot of anyone.
  5. We should have kept Vrbata

    After watching last nights game. I felt that the Canucks don't have much depth for forwards. Baertschi and the Sedins don't work well, while Vrbata actually had atleast 2-3 shots a game. The only reason everyone hates Vrbata is because when he got dropped to the second line and didn't produce, he apparently was a baby about it. But the thing is he was supposed to be playing with the Sedins who have the same amount of experience and skill as him. While the second line was a revolving door for players and he never had set line mates. Our second line is completely fine but I feel like it's more of a 3rd line rather then a 2nd line. Even tho we are producing the skill of the line isn't as high as a normal 2nd line. Even if we had Vrbata still, he could play minute with Sedins on the power play and switching with Ericsson in 5v5 and power play. But we have seen erickson has had bad luck and he isn't a shoot first player. He's like a Sedins triplet he's more of a pass player. With Vrbata our Lines would have had more depth and horvat and baertschi could have played with Vrbata. It's not even about cap space because Vrbata would have resigned for cheap. It's just that with Vrbata we would have more depth and it's not like Vrbata would be a liability or anything. He has way more skill then burrows who is more of a liability on the ice now. Rant complete discuss! Forget the past and think now. With Vrbata 5v5 lines could be Sedin Sedins vrbata/erik Horvat baertschi erikson Granlund sutter hansen

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