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  1. 2014 IIHF World Championship Thread (Bieksa named Captain)

    Our Canucks are doing quite well so far. Update on their stats: (G-A-P) Bieksa: 1-1-2 +3 -Showing he deserves the C Garrison: 0-3-3 +3 -putting up points, quietly...without his slapper Burrows: 0-1-1 0 -playing his gritty role pretty well Jensen: 0-1-1 -1 -Not being a difference maker but does play for a weak team. Hansen: 1-0-1 0 - " Eriksson: - -No starts yet , Nilsson playing well atm Weber: 1-0-1 -2 -Using his skating ability on big ice Kenins: 0-2-2 +2 -I'm pretty sure he is a Canuck still, right? And Latvia's been impressive, earning respect among national teams of late
  2. PGT van loses to queens

  3. [PGT] Nuckleheads 4-Penguins 5 (SO)

    Mr. Negativity here, Santorelli is sh*t with Sedin's. The behind the net pass out front should not be attempted 3000 times (maybe/only with burrows) Bieksa is useless potato, dalpe, ferriero, archie, richardson, santo had 0 effect in this game kesler and sedins should be game changers every game not once in a while. Dammit sestito stop making contact with your teammates Defense has 0 physicality, You're a little sh*t if you leave the game before it is over whether you are winning or losing at that point, And god dammit both LA and Minny got a point. sorry im very frustrated right now
  4. Non-CDC Based Games

    I really like this site because its simple. I am not the admin of any of the leagues but I am posting it here cause there are spots to be filled. SITE:http://www2.fantrax.com/ STEP 1 Go to the site and Create an account. (make sure you are signed in before step 2) STEP 2 Go to upper right corner of the screen and click on "Join League (FREE!)" and then Click on the "Published" STEP 3 Click the NHL leagues, then you have a large list of leagues in front of you. STEP 4 I would wish for you guys to join the "Fantasy hockey Addicts" league cause that's the one I am in. 5/16 spots filled so far, Draft Date: Mon July 30, 10:00 AM EDT (If you are not available on this date, don't worry, you can pre rank your players, and your top choices will be chosen automatically) You are free to join as many leagues as you like. You can even join leagues of other sports if you wish. I may not have explained the site that clearly. But the site explains everything clearly itself. Any questions about joining, ask me Any questions about your league ask your admin or Commissioner And once you are in your league. Go to "OTHER" and click on "League rules summary" and if that doesn't help explain what you need to do then I don't know what will.