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  1. @Squeak Remember us little guys when you blow up.
  2. Bye Bye Willie.. We hardly knew ya...
  3. I go to a few Panthers games a year Scalpers outside are DIRT cheap... And even if nobody is selling (yeah right), then you can purchase tickets right at the gate. Also look around at some local gas stations (if you're renting a car). They have some deals like get a tank of gas (50$ min) and 2 Panthers tickets for $20 on top of the gas aka $10 a ticket.
  4. Any dads on this board with a kid who's a gigantic canucks fan ?

    1. luckylager


      I wish, my wife corrupted my son by taking him to a Sens-Habs playoff game a few years back when we were in Ottawa visiting the outlaws... I didn't resist at the time, because live playoff hockey, but the kid's a sens fan now and I resent my wife for it... There is still hope


      I've been working on my girl. She's had Canucks everything from day one and now as a 3yr old will scream "go Nux", but shes not a huge fan yet.



    2. AriGold


      Just waiting to hear from my account manager if it's ok that I give my private Season Ticket Holder event tickets away for this Saturday. 9am-12pm. Autographs/pictures from various Canucks, free meals and watch the practice from 11-12.

    3. luckylager


      Well, there's gonna be one lucky kid in Vancouver for your giveaway. I'd start begging now, but it's family commitment month.. I love Christmas for the kids, but damn... Wish I had a begging leg to stand on.

  5. For those that are going to be buying the full event package, here is the Montreal prices.
  6. I will be buying the max package. Hopefully all the games. Can't wait for this one.
  7. Been reviewing teams on this rainy Saturday and I gotta give a shout out to @BM24 What a ridiculous team he has, all while having 8M in cap space and 0 NMC. That is the definition of roster management.
  8. USA is bigger, stronger and more skilled. The projected roster is unreal. Finland has the best defense in the tournament. Canada has the best goaltending in the tournament.
  9. Apparently William Lockwood has an outside chance of making the USA team in a 4th line role. Would be amazing if he could make it. My predictions this year. 1. USA 2. Finland 3. Canada
  10. I keep hearing Winnipeg will lose the most valuable player. Likely Marco Dano.
  11. .

  12. Florida... They have the relationship, the capspace , the prospect and picks to make the deal. Jokinen - Huberdeau - Barkov Sedin - Sedin - Jagr Marchessault - Trocheck - Smith Bjugstad - Malgin - Sceviour You are correct, 50% is the max.
  13. Bo's doing his "Show me" year this year. He gets a big contract on his next one I believe.
  14. Montreal puts Jordon Tootoo on waivers with the intent to send him to the AHL. Montreal recalls off the IR Scott Laughton.
  15. Looking to trade Scott Laughton for a similar age defenseman. Any need offense for defense ? Laughton is finally off the IR.